Vocational (VET) Courses Offered by TAFE in Australia

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TAFE in Australia

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses in Australia are a part of the professional education system that focuses on the practical preparation of students and candidates to work in their specific and selection field of occupation or industry. Registered Training Organizations, which may be privately or publicly sponsored, supervise these courses. TAFE institutes, or Technical and Further Education Institutions, are government-owned and -funded institutions that offer VET courses. Additionally, these courses are also offered by some Australian Universities too. If you wish to know about these VET courses offered by TAFE in Australia and want to study in Australia then you must read this blog. 

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Who offers TAFE?

VET courses are offered by TAFE institutes and private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Most students select TAFE institutes because they provide added security as government-owned educational institutions. In addition to higher education, some Australian institutions have a TAFE branch that offers VET programmes.

Why Study VET Courses offered by TAFE in Australia? 

Australia is one of the dream destinations for international students to study. There are an end number of reasons to pursue VET courses from TAFE in Australia or from any other educational institution and some of them are mentioned below: 

  • The VET courses offered under TAFE in Australia are short term quality courses 
  • Students have the flexibility and advantage to choose from a list of courses and options 
  • These courses are affordable
  • They are also job oriented and industries and companies look for candidates who have undergone or have completed VET courses from TAFE in Australia
  • The courses under TAFE in Australia are offered at government-owned institutions and thus ensures that the best quality of education and training is being imparted
  • The government undertakes all the responsibility that these institutes are provided with all the comfort, security and assets. 
  • The classes of these VET courses are conducted with a small classroom size and small sessions.

Australian Qualifications Framework

The main purpose of VET is to help and prepare students to enter the labour market with appropriate/required skills, knowledge and preparation. The fact that such qualification training is compulsory in Australia makes it a great option especially for international students who are seeking new opportunities in the country.

Levels  Description 
Certificate I VET courses at certificate level I offers students with the right knowledge and skills in the industry or field of study of their choice at a very basic level. 
Certificate II VET courses at certificate level II offer graduates the basic knowledge and skills in a specific field of industry or the field of study along with factual, technical and procedural knowledge.
Certificate III VET courses at certificate level III offer students and graduate a wider range of theoretical, procedural and technical knowledge
that allows them to perform routine professional activities.
Certificate IV VET courses at certificate level IV level are the last step before going for a vocational diploma and after completing this level of certificate, students will be having the extensive
substantive and technical knowledge to be able to perform any specialist work in their chosen profession or field. 
Diploma At this level of VET training, students will develop specialised training and skills that will be applicable in a variety of industry work and contexts. 
Advanced Diploma  The advanced diploma will provide students with extra advanced-level practical and substantive skills in various fields and industries such as construction, IT, engineering, accounting and management and many more. Some of these VET courses at this level are being completed at the university level. 

TAFE in Australia Courses

VET courses or Vocational Education Training courses are one of the most popular forms of courses that are being offered by TAFE in Australia and other educational institutions. These training courses have exceptional demand and importance among international students. Therefore there are hundreds of providers of these courses and TAFE in Australia is one of them, where one can find a suitable VET course for oneself. To make it simpler for you, we have divided or categorised these courses into 6 broad categories which are: 

Categories  Courses Included
Health Nursing, Public Health, Mental Health, Nutrition,
Massage, Medicine, Veterinary, Dental, Aged Care, Childcare, Community & Social Services
Management Business Management, International Business,
Human Resources, Supply Chain Management,
Agribusiness Management, Project Management, Leadership and Management, Banking, Marketing, Sustainability
IT Cyber ​​Security, Data Management, Blockchain, Machine Learning,
Software Development, Website Development,
IT General, Networking, Business Analysis,
Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Game Programming, Telecommunication
Design & Media Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design,
Landscape, Acting, 3D & Animation, Music & Audio,
Digital Media, Film & Media
Hospitality International Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism,
Events, Hospitality, Patisserie & Baking
Trades & Sports Automotive, Building &Construction, Wall & Floor Tiling,
Horticulture, Hairdressing, Carpentry, Beauty,
Sports Development, Fitness, Yoga, Education.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Students enrolling on the VET system are often required to have completed a level of study corresponding to Australian Year 10, 11, or 12.
  • Prerequisite subjects or job experience may be required for some courses. Some courses, such as art and design, may additionally need a portfolio to be submitted.
  • Students should inquire about any additional entry criteria, English language requirements, fees and costs, and course start dates with individual providers.

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List Of TAFE Institutes In Australia

TAFE institutes are being spread across the whole of Australia. The popular destinations or locations where TAFE in Australia are present are New South Wales, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland etc. Here is the list of popular TAFE institutes across Australia. 

TAFE Institutes Popular Courses 
TAFE International Western Australia Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering
Diploma of Business Certificate in Business
TAFE Queensland Diploma in Business
Diploma of Leadership and Management
Diploma of Horticulture
Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
Diploma of Nursing
Diploma of Engineering Technical
Advanced Diploma of Engineering
Diploma of Building Design Diploma of Interior Design
TAFE Victoria Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)Certificate in Plumbing
Certificate in Hospitality and Certificate in Leadership and Management
Certificate in Fitness
Diploma in Accounting Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
TAFE Tasmania Tourism, Hospitality and Food
Building and Construction Trades
Certificate in Automotive Servicing Technology
Plumbing and Electrical
TAFE NSW Sydney Diploma in Graphic Design
Diploma in Software Development
Certificate in Fitness Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
Diploma of Nursing
Diploma of Leadership and Management

Note: There are several other TAFE institutes in Australia and a wide variety of courses, apart from the aforementioned courses. By visiting the official TAFE websites, candidates can browse the list of courses.

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Duration of VET Courses 

The duration of these highly exceptional and demanded VET courses are typically anywhere between 6 to 18 months each (on average). Classes are conducted face to face for usually 20-25 hours a week.

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Now exploring what are VET courses, the different categories, TAFE in Australia and the duration, let us now explore the fees of these VET courses. The cost of VET training or VET courses in Australia varies depending upon the course that students may choose. It also depends upon the school you choose for the training and the city to which the schools belong to. On average, the fee range is anywhere from AU$4,000 to AU$22,000 per year which is approximately around INR 2,28,371.91 to INR 12,56,045.53 including the training materials. High-level vocational courses tend to have higher fees.

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