Exhaustive Information Regarding Mechanical Engineering Salary In Germany In 2024

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mechanical engineering salary in germany

Germany is an excellent choice if you want to work as a mechanical engineer. The field of mechanical engineering is trendy in Germany. The scope in the field is excellent if you are a highly skilled professional and the demand for the profession is high as the country is renowned for its automotive, manufacturing and engineering sectors. The pay is also advantageous in the industry. Let’s get a deep insight into the Mechanical engineering salary in Germany to understand if the career is a fit choice for you and is worth your efforts.

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Average Mechanical Engineering Salary In Germany

The career of a mechanical engineer is highly rewarding in terms of the average pay. The average salary of a mechanical engineer in Germany is 367,800 USD per year.

  • The highest average salary is 65,080 EUR per year
  • The average lowest salary is 18,900 EUR per year

To understand the average even better, let’s know the monthly averages:

  • The average monthly salary of a mechanical engineer is 3,623 EUR
  • The average highest monthly salary is 5,423 EUR
  • The average lowest monthly salary is 1,575 EUR

Your salary as a mechanical engineer might differ from the average as the salary is highly affected by factors like education, experience, etc.

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Germany Based On Experience Level

The level of experience is the most important salary determination factor. Higher experienced individuals get a higher package of salary as their skills and level of proficiency improve over the years. An individual in the field of mechanical engineering can expect to earn 34% of the extra salary in Germany compared to no experience. Refer to the following image to get an even better understanding of the salary range over the years of experience.

mechanical engineering salary in germany

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Germany Based On Education Level

Salary can not be decided without considering the education level of the employees. High-educated employees earn better pay with higher knowledge and well-functioning. In this field, an individual with a master’s degree can earn 93% higher salary compared to bachelor’s level of education.

Education level Salary 
Bachelor’s degree25,940 EUR
Master’s degree 50,580 EUR

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Mechanical Engineering Salary In Germany In Different Sectors

The average pay of both the sectors i.e. public and private is different. The public sector is likely to pay more in most cases. In Germany, the ratio for industry is 8% for both sectors.

Sector Salary 
Public sector48,200 EUR
Private sector44,540 EUR

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Germany In Different Cities

The salaries in different cities of Germany vary. To understand which city pays better to the mechanical engineers let’s read through the following image and choose the best city to work in.

mechanical engineering salary in germany

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Germany Compared To Similar Professions

To know if the average pay of the profession lies in a good range, let’s compare the salary of a mechanical engineer to other similar professions in the same industry with the help of the table below.

Profession Salary per year 
Broadcast engineer 38,260 EUR
CAD designer25,940 EUR
Design Engineer 40,140 EUR
Electrical engineer 45,560 EUR
Genetic engineer 44,540 EUR 
Materials technician 28,900 EUR
Photonics engineer43,220 EUR
Process operator24,820 EUR
Purchasing engineer 37,740 EUR
Safety officer 21,010 EUR
Work planner 27,480 EUR

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Is there any difference in the pay of male and female mechanical engineers in Germany?

Mechanical engineering is a field of profession that does not show any average pay difference in the salary of male or female employees. Hence, there is a 0% difference in average salary of both genders.

How is the average pay raise in the profession of mechanical engineering?

The average pay mostly depends upon the employer and the performance of yours. However, an average pay raise that can be expected every 12 months is 8%.

Is it good to be a mechanical engineer in Germany?

Yes, the profession is highly rewarding and comes with an abundance of growth opportunities. You can expect to get a worthy and comfortable life being a mechanical engineer in Germany.

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