Concordia University Canada: Ranking, Fees & Admission Criteria

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Concordia University Canada

Concordia University is one of the best universities in the world. As per the QS World Ranking 2024, the university ranks =387. The university offers 102 postgraduate programs and 116 graduate programs. Situated in the multicultural city of Montreal, Concordia is one of the largest universities in Canada. Moreover, the university is welcoming to international students. More than 48,000 students are pursuing their research goals at Concordia. The university is known for providing research facilitates, networking opportunities, alumni mentoring, and more. Keep reading to learn more about Concordia University Canada.

Concordia University Canada Rankings 

Concordia University ranks =387 in the world, The rankings of the university by various metrics are provided below. Students can check these ratings for their reference 

QS World University Rankings 387
QS WUR Ranking by Subject 101-150
QS Sustainability Ranking201-220
Graduate Employability Ranking301-500

Why Study at Concordia University Canada?

Concordia University was established on August 24, 1974, after the merger of  Loyola College and Sir George Williams University. Today, it is one of the most prestigious institutions in Canada. There are several reasons why you should choose to study at Concordia University. These are as follows-

  • Students have chosen to study at Concordia University as the university is welcoming to international students. Moreover, the university offers strong academic programs and excellent research facilities.
  • The culture of Concordia can help a student to improve their English language. For example, through group projects, and student organizations.
  • There is a diverse set of student communities, and many students have chosen this university to take part in the Stingers program and to develop as an artist 

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 Concordia University Canada Fast Facts

Here are some fast facts about Concordia University Canada. Students can refer to these statistics for their reference.

Total Enrollment in Credit Courses 
Undergraduate 35404
Graduate 10084
Origin of Students Enrolled in Courses Offered for Credit
International 11033
Canadian non-Quebec Resident4253
Canadian Quebec Resident30202
Origin of Students Enrolled in Courses Offered for Credit
Arts and Science2437
Fine Arts480
John Molson School of Business1614
Gina Cody School of Engineering5865
Visiting 626
Independent and others11

Concordia University Canada Admission Criteria

To take admission at Concordia University students have to meet the following eligibility criteria. Generally, the student must meet the academic requirements of the undergraduate program or the postgraduate program. Other than this, the student can meet English language proficiency requirements, and GRE/GMAT requirements (if applicable). Moreover, a student has to present other essential documents. The admission criteria for the Concordia University is as follows:

PTE Academic60+
Cambridge CAE Advanced180+
PTE Academic60+
Bachelor GPA3+
Cambridge CAE Advanced175+
PTE Academic45+
PTE Academic61+
International Baccalaureate27+
Cambridge CAE Advanced180+

Concordia University Acceptance Rate

The Concordia University Acceptance rate is 78.2%. This means that admission to this university is lightly competitive. That is, out of 100 applicants only 78 students get accepted. Approximately, 20.4% get enrolled in Concordia University Canada. Moreover, the university is one of the most welcoming to international students.

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Concordia University Canada Programs 

Concordia University offers 102 postgraduate programs and 116 graduate programs.  Some of the popular Concordia University programs include the following.

Undergraduate Programs 

The following are some of the undergraduate programs offered by Concordia University Canada.

  • Accountancy (BComm)
  • Acting for the Theatre (BFA
  • Actuarial Mathematics (BA, BSc)
  • Actuarial Mathematics/Finance (BA, BSc)
  • Adult Education (Minor, Cert)
  • Aerospace Engineering (BEng)
  • Anthropology (BA)
  • Anthropology and Sociology (BA)
  • Art Education, Visual Arts (BFA)
  • Art History (BFA)
  • Art History and Film Studies (BFA)
  • Art History and Studio Art (BFA)
  • Assurance, Fraud Prevention and Investigative Services (Minor)
  • Athletic Therapy (BSc)
  • Biochemistry (BSc)
  • Biology (BSc)
  • Biophysics (Minor)
  • Building Engineering (BEng)
  • Business Studies (Minor, Cert)
  • Business Technology Management (BComm)
  • Cell and Molecular Biology (BSc)
  • Ceramics (BFA)
  • Chemistry (BSc)
  • Child Studies (BA)
  • Civil Engineering (BEng)
  • Classics (BA)
  • Communication and Cultural Studies (BA)
  • Communication Studies (BA)
  • Community Service (Cert)
  • Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies (BA)
  • Computation Arts (BFA)
  • Computation Arts – Computer Science (BFA)
  • Computer Engineering (BEng)
  • Computer Science (BCompSc)
  • Computer Science (Minor)
  • Computer Science – Computation Arts (BCompSc)
  • Contemporary Dance (BFA)
  • Creative Writing (BA)
  • Data Intelligence (Minor)
  • Data Science (BA/BSc)
  • Data Science (BCompSc)
  • Design (BFA)
  • Design for the Theatre (BFA)
  • Diversity and the Contemporary World (Minor)
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education (BA)
  • Ecology (BSc)
  • Economics (BA)
  • Economics (BComm)
  • Education (Minor)
  • Electrical Engineering (BEng)
  • Electroacoustic Studies (BFA)
  • English and Creative Writing (BA)
  • English and History (BA)
  • English Literature (BA)
  • Entrepreneurship (Minor)
  • Environmental and Sustainability Science (BSc)
  • Environmental Geography (BSc)
  • Études françaises (French Studies) (BA)
  • Exercise Science (BSc)
  • Family Life Education (Cert)
  • Fibres and Material Practices (BFA)
  • Film Animation (BFA)
  • Film Production (BFA)
  • Film Studies (BFA)
  • Finance (BComm)
  • Financial Reporting (Minor)
  • First Peoples Studies (BA)
  • Foundations for Business (Cert)
  • French Studies (BA)
  • Game Design (Minor)
  • Geospatial Technologies (Minor, Cert)
  • German Studies (Minor)
  • Health and Life Sciences (BCompSc)
  • History (BA)
  • Human Environment (BA)
  • Human Relations (BA)
  • Human Resource Management (BComm)
  • Human Rights Studies (Minor)
  • Immigration Studies (Minor, Cert)
  • Indigenous Bridging Program (Bcomm)
  • Indigenous Bridging Program (BEng)
  • Indigenous Bridging Program (Psychology BA, BSc)
  • Information Systems Audit and Risk Management (Minor)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality (BA)
  • Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts) (BFA)
  • International Business (BComm)
  • Irish Studies (BA, Cert)
  • Israel Studies (Minor)
  • Italian (BA)
  • Jazz Studies (BFA)
  • Journalism (BA)
  • Judaic Studies (BA)
  • Kinesiology and Clinical Exercise Physiology (BSc)
  • Law and Society (Minor)
  • Liberal Arts (BA)
  • Linguistics (BA)
  • Management (BComm)
  • Marketing (BComm)
  • Mathematical and Computational Finance (BA, BSc)
  • Mathematics and Statistics (BA, BSc)
  • Mechanical Engineering (BEng)

Postgraduate Programs

Here is a list of the top postgraduate programs offered by Concordia University Canada

  • Adult Education (GrDip)
  • Aerospace engineering (MEng)
  • Applied Linguistics (MA)
  • Art Education (MA)
  • Art History (MA)
  • Art Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies (MA)
  • Biology (MSc)
  • Biotechnology and Genomics (GrDip)
  • Building Engineering (Grad. Cert.)
  • Building Engineering (MASc)
  • Building Engineering (MEng)
  • Building Engineering (PhD)
  • Business Administration (Grad. Cert.)
  • Business Administration (GrDip)
  • Business Administration (PhD)
  • Business Analytics and Technology Management (MSc)
  • Chartered Professional Accountancy (CPA) (GrDip)
  • Chemical Engineering (GrDip)
  • Chemistry (MSc)
  • Child Studies (MA)
  • Cinematic Arts (MFA)
  • Civil Engineering (PhD)
  • Communication (PhD)

Concordia University Canada Tuition Fees 

The Concordia University Canada tuition fees for each program are different. Moreover, the fees for all education levels differ. That is the fees for a master’s program, bachelor’s program,  and PhD programs differ. The fees of the international student and a domestic student vary as well.

DomesticInternationalDomestic International
7,227.6 CAD$27,018 (varies)$ 299.73 per credit (non-Quebec nationals)USD 35,140-USD 58,300

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Concordia University Canada Application Process 

To start the Concordia University application process students can consult the Leverage Edu experts.  The application process steps are as follows:

  • The Leverage Edu experts will start the application process with the respective university
  • The documents such as LOR, IETS, and SOP are an important part of the university application process 
  • Next, the scholarships, visas, accommodation and student loans process will be started
  • Lastly, the student has to wait for the offer letter. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks to receive the same.

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Is Concordia University Canada good?

As per the US news, Concordia University Canada is among the top 50 universities in the country. Moreover, it has successfully come among the top 50 universities under 50 years in Canada.

What is Concordia University ranked in Canada?

THE’s newly released 2023 rankings show that Concordia University has been ranked number 1 in Canada. The university has held this position for the 6th consecutive year.

Is Concordia University Canada easy to get into?

The Concordia University is moderately selective. That is, for every 100 applicants only 65 students are selected. International students have to meet their eligibility criteria to get admission. However, the university is more flexible than other universities.

To discover more articles like this one, consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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