GPA to Percentage

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GPA to Percentage

‘Results!’ The one word that excites as well as paralyses a student’s heart every time it is uttered. What is this thing about results that scares us? Rest assured it is not the word, but what it brings with itself, i.e. marks! Marks are a crucial part of our life. They are an exact parameter to know where you stand in the competitive world. Every school, colleges, and universities have their own different marking systems as well as ways of assessing students. While certain institutes award your academic performance in the form of a percentage, some other institutes give you the marks you scored in the form of GPA. However, every marking system is interlinked and convertible. Hence, before we move to the conversion of GPA to percentage, let us have a look at the concepts of GPA and percentage individually and understand their difference. 

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GPA to Percentage: What is GPA?

Grade Point Average, in short, GPA is a way of judging academic performance throughout the world. Through this method, your grades are converted into a numerical scale. All the marks you received throughout your high school or college are added together and their average found out to find out a cumulative grade. This grade is then converted into a GPA. It is calculated either on a scale of 0.0 to 4.0 or on a scale more than that. GPA is extremely important because GPAs are an important part of admission to colleges for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. Also, if your entrance exam score is not high enough for the college you want admission in, your GPA will help you get through the admission process. 

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GPA to Percentage: What is Percentage? 

The most basic meaning of percentage lies in our everyday lives. From tip calculations to the interest on our money, you can find it in almost every chore of your life. Basically percentage means a number that is specified in a fraction of 100. We use the % sign to denote it. To find the percentage you scored, you need to add all the marks you scored and divide it by the total marks, i.e. full marks. The result then obtained is multiplied by 100. The answer obtained is your percentage. The formula to find out your percentage is: 

Percentage of your marks scored = (Marks Scored/ Total Marks)* 100

The Conversion Formula

Every college believes in a certain marking system. Thus, certain institutes may ask for GPA while others might ask for a percentage. However, it also depends on your current institution and its marking system. But, it is quite common to find that GPA is a frequently used parameter accepted for marks by institutes around the world. Hence, it is important to know the conversion of GPA to Percentage as it will make the application filling procedure much easier. One of the misconceptions that most of us have is to find the percentage from GPA, all you have to do is multiply your GPA into 100. This is the wrong way of finding GPA for your marks and can lead to wrong calculations. However, the real formula to convert GPA to Percentage is: 

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Percentage = 9.5* Grade Point Average

To understand the formula a bit better, let us have a look at the table below: 

GPA GPA*9.5 Percentage
7 7*9.5 66.5
8 8*9.5 76
9 9*9.5 85.5
10 10*9.5 95

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Being able to use the conversion of GPA to Percentage will be extremely beneficial for your admission process. If you have any other doubts about the application process of a particular university you are applying for, the experts at Leverage Edu can assist you throughout the application process.

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