BFA Fashion Design – Top Universities, Admissions, Salary

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BFA Fashion Design

The four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts, BFA in fashion design program is a highly creative program. A genuine interest in art is essential for success in the course, and drawing and sketching abilities are highly valued. Students are shaped by the program to acquire the information and skills necessary to function in the dynamic and demanding environment of the design business.


The course of study prepares the students for a profession in the fine arts. A speciality in a field like computer animation, creative writing, film production, animation, visual effects, illustration, graphic design, industrial design, visual arts, technical arts, interior design, metalworking, new media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, stage management, or television production will be required for the degree.

Overview of BFA Fashion Design

BFA Fashion Design

The BFA Fashion Design program encourages its students to confront preconceived notions about fashion through their own distinctive lenses in an effort to subvert conventional wisdom and produce novel, creative results. Students are inspired to convey deeper degrees of criticality and messaging via their work by studying advanced social theory and contextual applications of fashion design.

Students who complete this program will have the knowledge, abilities, and practical experience necessary to succeed in the intimate apparel sector of the fashion business.

Students gain proficiency in computer-aided design while learning the principles of professional draping, patternmaking, and sewing processes. Students have the option of pursuing a BFA in fashion design degree while still in school. A mixed curriculum for the fifth common semester lets you pursue and sign up for a concentration based on availability.

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Why Pursue BFA Fashion Design?

Fashion design is an applied art that focuses on developing and designing new apparel and lifestyle goods in accordance with the rapidly shifting societal and cultural trends. Once seen as an unconventional professional path, this industry is now fashionable, alluring, and filled with rich compensation and potential for career advancement.

Pattern graders, sample machinists, and upholsterers are just a few of the job options available for those interested in the hands-on production process. On the other side, those who are good with people can work as personal stylists and shoppers.

Eligibility Criteria

Only candidates who meet the minimum eligibility standards given by the colleges are eligible for BFA fashion design admission in India.

  • Students who passed the 10+2 exam with 50% of the possible points from an approved board meet the qualifying requirements for the BFA course. 
  • Students who wish to pursue a BFA degree must also sit for entrance tests at the college level or national level. 
  • Everyone is eligible to apply because there is no set age requirement for the BFA program.

Some of the popular universities for BFA in Fashion Design are:

University NameQS World RankingCountry Name
Academy of Art University, San Francisco #88USA
The Queensland University of Technology, Australia#209Australia
Birmingham University, United Kingdom#108United Kingdom
University of Southampton, United Kingdom#78United Kingdom
University of Lincoln, United Kingdom#368United Kingdom
The University of the Arts London#2United Kingdom
Curtin University, Australia #194Australia
Heriot-Watt University, Scotland#281USA

Top Colleges for BFA Fashion Design in India

Some of the top colleges for BFA  Fashion Design are:

  • International Institute of Fine Arts
  • CODT Indore
  • Tatyam School of Design
  • Sir JJ School of Art

Application Process

Students need to go through the following general steps in order to enrol in BFA Fashion Design:

  1. Check out the whole curriculum, student testimonials, and overall school ranking when narrowing down your list of universities and courses. You may also use Leverage Edu’s AI course finder to help you pick the best course for you.
  1. To find answers to all of your questions about the program, the application procedure, the fees, the teaching method, placements, etc., get in touch with the universities you’ve been shortlisted for. 
  1. Prepare for standardized examinations like the GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT as well as other tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE..
  1. Preparing application essays. An important component of the application is writing a compelling and original SOP because it carries a lot of weightage. The student may need to submit essays for admission and research proposals for the MBA and PhD programs.

Documents Required

To study BFA in Fashion Design abroad, you require the documents mentioned below:

Skills Required

Pre-Required skills for pursuing BFA fashion design are:

Career Prospects

BFA Fashion Design

After graduation, BA Fashion Design graduates have access to a wide range of professional opportunities. One of the most complete programmes in terms of job prospects for graduates is the BA in Fashion Design. Following is a list of employment choices open to BA Fashion Design graduates:

  • Fashion designer: Responsible for creating new outfit designs and following fashion trends. They are also in charge of fully showcasing innovative innovation. They typically set trends in the fashion industry. In India, fashion designers earn around 0.3 Lakhs to 7.2 Lakhs.
  • Costume Designer: Develops themes and outfits for various projects, such as movies, plays, TV shows, internet series, and music videos. The average salary range for a Costume designer ranges from 0.4 to 9.4 Lakhs. 
  • Fashion Stylist: Choosing outfits and costumes for magazine features, award presentations, musical performances, and public appearances by celebrities and public figures. The average salary of a fashion stylist ranges between 0.3 Lakhs to 6.0 Lakhs.
  • Product developers: They are in charge of creating fashion products for labels, stores, and jewellery businesses, among others, including clothing, jewellery, footwear, and accessories. They are in charge of foreseeing fashion trends by examining historical patterns. Product developers earn around 2 Lakh to 16 Lakh in India.

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Employment Areas

Graduates with a BFA in fashion design can choose from a wide range of positions. Graduates will be able to find employment in both the public and private sectors. Due to the student’s access to a flexible curriculum, there are many varied employment opportunities. Costume designer, fashion designer, fashion consultant, and other positions are examples of BA Fashion Design careers. Below mentioned are some of the employment areas to work in this industry:

Top Recruiters

Top Recruiter for BFA in fashion design are:

  • Adidas
  • Swarvoski
  • Raymond
  • Lifestyle
  • AND
  • Spykar
  • Bata
Source: YouTube – Ashcan Art Pre-College Art Portfolio Art & Advice


Q1. What is BFA in Fashion Design?

Ans. Bachelor of Fine Arts BFA in Fashion Design is a full-time course.

Q2. What is the average salary of a BFA?

Ans. In India, after pursuing a degree of BFA in fashion design, the average salary is INR 25,000 to 50,000 monthly.

Q3. Does BFA have a scope in the future?

Ans. For graduates in the fine arts, there are numerous job opportunities available in India. BFA graduates are in high demand in the fields of film, television, advertising, animation, publishing, textile, art studios, shops, and educational institutions.

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