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C1 Advanced

C1 Advanced exam is recognised by more than 9,000 educational colleges, corporations and government agencies around the world as evidence of high-level success in studying English. Preparing for C1 Advanced allows learners to acquire the skills to read, work and live in English-speaking countries and make the best of them.

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C1 Advanced Exam Requirements

Here are the key requirements you need to fulfil to qualify C1 Advanced Exam:

  1. Write complex papers and emails and take notes at conferences or lectures
  2. Provide presentations on complex English theories
  3. Understand a myriad of texts, from fiction to opinion pieces from newspapers.

Features of the C1 Advanced Exam

The C1 Advanced Exam has four sections. 

  • Reading and Use of English.
  • Writing and Listening to papers will be done on the same day. 
  • Speech will be on a different day. 
  • With two examiners and another exam applicant, you do the talking.

Eligibility Criteria for C1 Advanced Exam

The eligibility criteria for the C1 Advanced exam is as follows:

  1. There is no formal age limit for taking the C1 Advanced Exam. Although in 10+1 or 10+2 secondary school, students sit for the CAE exam in preparation for applying to college courses in the U.K., Canada and/or Australia. 
  2. It is advisable to request test scores that come within two years of your overseas research submission.
  3. You can sit innumerable times for the C1 Advanced Exam, but you cannot register twice in the same month for the same exam.

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Exam Pattern

By registering at a local test centre nearest to you, you can opt to take either the paper-based or computer-based test. C1 Advanced Exam consists of five papers. These five papers test different areas of language and ability to communicate in real life. Each paper carries a weight of 20 percent of the total marks.

  1. Reading (one hour 15 minutes; 34 questions):  This section tests the ability to read various forms of content, such as journals, magazines and novels.
  2. Writing (one hour 30 minutes; 2 bits of writing): This section tests the Written English measurements.
  3. English Usage (one hour; 50 questions): This section tests vocabulary and grammar.
  4. Listening (40 minutes; 30 questions): The opportunity to observe frequent conversations steps is tested in this section.
  5. Speaking (15 minutes; face-to-face with another applicant): This section tests strong expertise in conversation.

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Scoring Pattern

Here is how scoring of C1 Advanced exam is like:

  1. Exam results for the computer-based exam are published in two weeks, while the results of the paper-based test are made available publicly in four weeks. A statement of performance and a certificate will be issued, the latter only if you reach a score of 45 or higher.
  2. Three pieces of information are included in the Declaration of Results: ranking, rating and applicant profile. The score ranges from 0 to 100 and is produced based on the cumulative marks scored over the five papers on a scale. Scores are then awarded a rating dependent on multiple ranges.

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C1 Advanced Exam Results

After completing your test, you can get the C1 Advanced Exam results in the following manner:

  1. In any of the five tests, the applicant profile demonstrates individual results, which is a valuable document if you are asked to demonstrate expertise in specific language ability. If you receive a score of 45 or higher, a certificate specifying your grade and/or CEFR rating is also given.
  2. You can read Cambridge English Advanced scores for certain universities that specify an IELTS band score to produce a benchmarked IELTS score through a table given on the official website. Both CAE and IELTS are Cambridge English Language Assessment items, and the two can be translated to each other’s ratings.
  3. Via an online Results Monitoring Program, the university you have applied to will check your exam results. Your ID number and secret number, all of which you will obtain at the time of enrollment for the test, will need to be given.

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Application Process

The C1 Advanced exam is given 37 times a year, each month with at least one test date. In India, there are 25 centres offering the Cambridge English Advanced test (CEA test). Locate and call the closest research centre for information on test times, fees and preparatory test materials from the official Cambridge ESOL website. The computer-based test registration can be carried out within a week’s time for the computer-based exam.

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