Clarendon Scholarships by University of Oxford: A Complete Guide

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Clarendon Scholarships by University of Oxford

Clarendon Scholarships are fully-funded financial assistance for students enrolled at the University of Oxford. Every year, more than 200 outstanding graduate scholars are awarded the Clarendon Scholarship where they are given the opportunity to join one of the best, international diverse, and multidisciplinary communities at the Univerity of Oxford. Are you looking for a scholarship to support your studies at Oxford? Clarendon Scholarship is the best choice for meritorious graduates who are pursuing their Master’s or PhD programs are looking for financial assistance for their education and want to be part of the diverse communities at the University of Oxford. This article highlights all the details about the Clarendon Scholarships!

Name of the ScholarshipClarendon Scholarships
Offered ByUniversity of Oxford
EligibilityMust have an outstanding academic record. Must have completed an undergraduate degree in a specific field from a recognised university.
Courses ApplicableMaster’s and PhD
Official Websitehttps://www.ox.ac.uk/clarendon

About Clarendon Scholarships

With the limited number of scholarships offered, the Clarendon at Oxford is highly competitive. If you are someone who has applied for the December or January deadline and fulfilled all the conditions under this scholarship scheme, then you will be automatically considered for this. Any other application form will not get in your way.

This top-class fully-funded scholarship will cover the awardee’s tuition fees and their day-to-day expenses for the duration of fee liability. This scholarship is applicable to all international graduates, regardless of nationality and field of study. Not only this, students who want to pursue part-time or full-time Master’s and DPhil courses are allowed to apply. But you can only get your hopes high if you have an outstanding academic record and potential.

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Clarendon Scholarship Requirements

As per the guidelines of the University of Oxford, students who belong to the UK and outside are eligible to apply for the Clarendon Scholarship. However, this is just one of the many conditions that all applicants must possess.

Fulfill the below eligibility criteria for Clarendon Scholarships: 

  • Students of all nationalities, ordinary residences, and fields of studies are eligible to apply. 
  • You must possess an excellent academic record, preferably first division in a bachelor’s degree. A student should have a 3.7 GPA on a scale of 4.0. 
  • You must have applied for a full-time or part-time Master’s or PhD course at the University of Oxford.
  • However, if you are applying for graduate study at Oxford, then you will be directly considered for a Clarendon scholarship. There is no need for a separate application form.

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Clarendon Scholarships: Benefits and Awards

This scholarship will cover your tuition fee and living expenses for the duration of your studies. All the scholarships are usually awarded between February and June. Depending on the source of the funding, your scholarship award will be notified either at the same time as your college or later on.

All the benefits of this scholarship are listed below:

  • You should expect to receive at least £17,668 to cover your tuition fees and academic expenses.
  • If you have applied for a full-time course, you will be offered an annual grant to cover your living expenses OR
  • The minimum amount under the Research Council doctoral stipend rate will be sufficient to cover your cost of living in Oxford while you are studying.

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How to Apply for the Clarendon Scholarships?

Before you start your application process for the Clarendon Scholarship, make sure you understand what the organization body of this scheme is looking for. The selectors of this scheme want to choose the best students across the world, which is decided by the experts in each field.

The application process for the Clarendon Scholarship consists of several stages as listed below.

  • The Clarendon Scholarship application form will be filled out while applying for admission to a Master’s or PhD programme at the University of Oxford.
  • You need to apply either for the December or January deadline, whichever is relevant to your program.
  • Your application will be considered by your officials working in your proposed field of study. These officials will assess your academic quality and your application form, whether it is suitable for this scholarship or not.
  • The final call will be made by your field department and their decision will be notified to you via email.
  • Once you’ve received your offer, it will take 8 to 10 weeks for colleges to offer you a place. This is an estimated time, which can fluctuate depending on the admission situation.

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Selection Process

One of the most important and immediate steps in the selection process for this scholarship is your outstanding academic record. There can be different requirements depending on your discipline, the time, and the total number of applications.

  • To stand out from the crowd, you must possess future potential and aptitude. 
  • This may be assessed after reviewing references and research proposals so that the applicant’s research attitude and willingness to contribute to their study can be measured.
  • You must have the motivation to achieve your goals which will be assessed by your commitment towards your program, the evaluation of your personal statement and the final reports of the academic’s officials.
  • After fulfilling all the conditions, a final Completion of Conditions letter will be sent with a form to return, confirming your intent to enroll at Oxford.

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Q1. For which universities is the Clarendon Scholarship applicable?

A1. The Clarendon Scholarship is only applicable to meritorious international students who have applied for a master’s or PhD course at the University of Oxford. 

Q2. How much amount is offered through the Clarendon Scholarship?

A2. The total amount offered under the Clarendon Scholarship is £15,009, which will cover your tuition fee and cost of living.

Q3. Is the Clarendon Scholarship applicable to Indian students?

A3. The Clarendon Scholarship is applicable to both domestic and International students, which includes Indian students. It doesn’t matter if you are a resident of the UK or not. You must have completed your bachelor’s degree with the first division and only then you can apply for this scholarship.

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