🎓Georgia Institute of Technology Scholarship: Apply & Dates

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Georgia Institute of Technology Scholarship

Georgia Tech, also known as Georgia Institute of Technology, is a fantastic place for students who are passionate about learning and achievement. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s renowned for its wide variety of academic programs, including engineering, business, computer science, and the arts.

Understanding the different scholarships offered at Georgia Tech is important for students planning to study there. These scholarships are a big help in achieving academic goals and lessening the financial burden of higher education. In this blog, we will cover all the important Georgia Institute of Technology Scholarship(s), their eligibility criteria and the process to apply. 

Location Atlanta, Georgia
Type Public Research University
Founding Year 1885
Undergraduate Enrollment 25,034
Graduate Enrollment 11,372
Acceptance Rate Approximately 20%
Average SAT Score 1390
Average ACT Score 32
Tuition (In-State) Approximately $12,000 per year (subject to change)
Tuition (Out-of-State) Approximately $33,000 per year (subject to change)

List of Georgia Institute of Technology Scholarship(s) and their Eligibility Criteria 👇

This university provides scholarships based on the candidate’s level of education such as Graduation, and Postgraduate programs. The detailed list of the scholarships provided by the university is mentioned below:

Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria
Stamps President’s Scholarship Recognizes academic excellence, leadership, and public service commitment in top incoming freshmen.
Gold Scholarship Awarded to the top 2% of incoming freshmen based on academic merit.
Georgia Tech Promise Supports debt-free education for qualifying students from low-income Georgia families.
Val-Sal Scholarship Aids students with significant financial needs.
Dean’s Scholarships Recognizes academic prowess and leadership in incoming freshmen.

Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship Description
Georgia Tech Graduate Fellowship Recognizes academic merit and research potential in incoming graduate students.
College-specific Graduate Fellowships Awarded within colleges based on academic merit and research potential.

How to Apply for Georgia Institute of Technology Scholarship(s)? 🧑‍💻

It is very important to visit the official website of the Georgia Institute to apply for the scholarship. Here are the steps that a candidate must take to apply for their selected scholarship:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is mandatory for all financial aid and scholarships.
  • Set up an account on the Georgia Tech Scholarship Management System, the platform handling all scholarship applications.
  • Fill out applications for relevant scholarships, providing required documents like transcripts, test scores (SAT or ACT), recommendation letters, a personal statement, and additional materials specific to each scholarship.
  • Submit applications before their respective deadlines, varying for each scholarship. Review the Georgia Tech Scholarship Management System for up-to-date deadlines.
  • Specific Scholarship Application Example (e.g., Stamps President’s Scholarship):
    1. Visit the Georgia Tech Scholarships website and create a Scholarship Management System account.
    2. Click the “Apply Now” button for the specific scholarship.
    3. Complete the digital application form and submit the required materials by the deadline.
  • Ensure timely completion and submission of all necessary documents and information for each scholarship application.

📅 Timeline for Georgia Institute of Technology Scholarship

Application deadlines for Georgia Tech scholarships usually fall in the spring of the year preceding the intended academic year.

The Georgia Tech application deadline for regular decision is January 4th, 2024. Georgia Tech also provides an alternative form of application in addition to regular decision: early action.

The application deadline for early action is October 16th (for Georgia students) and November 1st (for non-Georgia students).


Can international students apply for Georgia Tech scholarships?

Yes, Georgia Tech offers scholarships for international students. However, eligibility and application requirements may differ from those for domestic students.

Are there scholarships for specific academic programs at Georgia Tech?

Yes, some scholarships are specifically tailored for certain academic programs within Georgia Tech, such as engineering, business, and sciences.

Is there an appeal process if a scholarship application is denied?

Georgia Tech typically doesn’t entertain appeals for denied scholarships. However, reapplying for the subsequent academic year remains an option.


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