Manchester Metropolitan University Scholarships for International Students 2024

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Manchester Metropolitan University Scholarships

Do you want to study abroad in the UK through the Manchester Metropolitan University Scholarships? Counted as one of the largest and most popular universities in the UK, the institute offers a range of scholarships and funding opportunities for international students, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Therefore, in this blog, we will introduce you to some of Manchester Metropolitan University’s scholarships for international students.

LocationManchester, England
World Ranking590 (QS World Ranking 2024), 60 (The Complete University Guide – University Ranking UK 2024)
Acceptance Rate80%
International Students2700+
Admission Deadlines30 November 2024 (Spring Intake), 25 January 2025 (Fall Intake)

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List of Manchester Metropolitan University Scholarships 2024

The Manchester Metropolitan University Scholarships provides all sorts of scholarships and grants for the benefit of international students. Whether you are looking for general, course-specific, sports scholarships or a research grant, you will find something that suits your needs and interests. So, let’s explore some of the scholarships for international students for the academic year 2024:

MMU General Undergraduate Scholarships 2024

The Manchester Metropolitan University Scholarships for undergraduate students generally have the following structure for all UG courses offered by the institute:

Meant for: Non-UK undergraduate students who will pay the full tuition fees.

Requirements: You must have received an offer to study a full-time bachelor’s degree course that starts in January 2025. Moreover, you cannot receive this scholarship if you have any other financial support from Manchester Metropolitan.

Amount: £2,000/ year for your degree.

Application process: Scholarship is processed along with the application form. Therefore, you do not need to apply separately. Additionally, here are some other terms and conditions relevant to the UG scholarships.

Example: Lee Kai Hung International Talent Scholarship

MMU General Postgraduate Scholarships 2024

Like the UG scholarships, the Manchester Metropolitan University Scholarships for postgraduate programs also have a common structure as follows: 

Meant for: Non-UK postgraduate students who will pay the full tuition fees for overseas students.

Requirements: You must have received an offer to study a full-time master’s degree course that begins in January 2025.

Amount: GBP 3,000 in the first year of study.

Application process: Scholarship is processed along with the application form. No need to apply separately.

See the scholarship’s terms and conditions here for the full requirements.

Some PG Course-specific Scholarships Available – 

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Chancellor’s and Vice Chancellor’s International Awards

Among the Manchester Metropolitan University Scholarships are the prestigious Chancellor’s and Vice-Chancellor’s International Awards. While it is given to outstanding international students who join a full-time taught course. 

Meant for: Outstanding international students, who offer courses in selected subject areas, who will pay the full tuition fees for overseas students.

Requirements: You must be paying for your education, have a strong academic record, and have received an offer for an eligible course.

Eligible Courses: 

  1. MSc Digital Marketing Communications (Marketing, Retail and Tourism)
  2. MSc Sports Business Management & Policy (Department of Economics, Policy and International Business)    

Amount: Between GBP 6,000-8000 in the first year of study.

Application process: Since this scholarship is limited and very competitive, you will need to:

  1. Fill out a separate online form
  2. Write a 500-word personal statement – explaining your academic achievements, and reasons for choosing Manchester Metropolitan. Additionally, your course will help you achieve your career goals.

This scholarship application will start in October 2024.

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Sports Scholarships

The Manchester Metropolitan University Scholarships for sports are meant for exceptional sports applicants. It also includes a range of services, financial assistance, and support for students to make their academics and ambition for sports go hand-in-hand. The program is customized to each athlete’s needs and has the following benefits:

Amount Received: GBP 7,000/year


  • Up to 20% off tuition fees – extra fee discounts for excellent applicants
  • Self-funded Performance Sport townhouse accommodation
  • Financial expense contribution
  • Top-class sporting facilities (on campus or within a 10-minute drive)
  • Bespoke nutritional support
  • Access to physiotherapy and sports massage
  • Lifestyle support
  • Personalised sports science support
  • Bespoke conditioning and strength programs
  • Performance sports science suite
  • Sports club membership for free (for team athletes)

The sports scholarships are given based on each case, with a preference for those who play a sport listed under the British Universities & Colleges Sport BUCS program. The University’s Sports Scholarship committee decides how much to offer for each case, depending on its merit.

Research Grants

Apart from education and sports, the Manchester Metropolitan University scholarships also cover the students’ postgraduate research. It offers PhD studentships, Masters by research, and scholarships accepting applications throughout the year:

PhD Studentships (Funded):

  1. The Feasibility and Health Benefits of a Walking Football Program
  2. Efficient Heat Surrogate Models For Inverse Problems
  3. Mass and Heat Transfer in Energetic Ocean Surface Waves
  4. Development of Advanced CFD Tools For Modelling Extreme Loading on Offshore Renewable Energy Converters
  5. Biofeedback Driven Games For Developing Motor Competence in Early Childhood

Year-round Opportunities (Self-funded)

  1. The Influence of Indoxyl Sulfate on Lipid Metabolism and Calcium Handling in Cultured Cardiomyocytes, and Its Association with Cardiac Dysfunction in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients.
  2. Cytochrome P450, CYP1B1 Enzyme Inhibitors to Prevent Disease Progression in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
  3. Healthy Ageing and Cardiovascular Response to Exercise
  4. Investigating PDLIM5 During A Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation
  5. Chemical Degradation of a Vacuolating Cytotoxin A (VACA) As A Potential Therapy for Helicobacter Pylori Infection

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Does Manchester Metropolitan University give scholarships?

MSc and PhD students who work on certain study projects at Manchester Metropolitan can get prizes.

Does Manchester university offer full scholarships?

New students can get scholarships and grants from Manchester that can be renewed.

How can I get scholarship in Manchester University?

Received an offer to study at The University of Manchester by April 26, 2024, with or without conditions.

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