Get Highest Paying Jobs In South Korea

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Highest Paying Jobs In South Korea

South Korea is blessed with a full-of-life culture and beautiful sculptures, which make it a great better place to live and work. Each year the country is developing at a global level and offers opportunities to graduates for career growth. South Korea has made a remarkable transformation from an economy which was agricultural-based to a technological-based economy. And this thing generated many job opportunities in South Korea. In this article, we will get to know about the highest paying jobs in South Korea and many more things like working benefits in South Korea, and how to search for jobs in South Korea. etc.


Working Benefits In South Korea?

To know about working benefits in South Korea some are listed  below-

  • Health Insurance-All residents of South Korea get covered in the country’s Health Insurance Program and get their Health Insurance and on the other hand, some employees choose to enroll in private health insurance through their employees.
  • Leave Entitlements- Employees who work full time at any organisation must receive 15 days paid off for a year.
  • Maternity And Paternity Leave- Female employees are entitled to 90 days of Maternity leave and male employees are entitled to 10 days of paid paternity leave.
  • Other Leave- Other leave options include- Family Care Leave, Fertility Treatment Leave and Mensuration Leave.
  • Overtime-  Employees who work overtime receive a pay rate of 150 per cent of their standard rate.
Highest Paying Jobs In South Korea

Highest Paying Jobs In South Korea

Here is the list of some of highest paying jobs in South Korea-

Surgeons14,500,000 KRW
Judges12,100,000 KRW
Lawers9,830,000 KRW
Bank Manager9,250,000 KRW
Chief Executive Officer8,680,000 KRW
Chief Financial Officer8,100,000 KRW
Orthodontist7,810,000 KRW
College Professor6,940,000 KRW
Marketing Directors5,210,000 KRW
Pilots5,780,000 KRW

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Best Websites To Search for Jobs In South Korea

A list of the best websites to get a job in South Korea is given below-

  • Job Korea
  • Suramin
  • Recruit
  • Catch
  • Findjob.co.kr
  • Linkedin
  • Creerjet
  • Craigslist
  • Indeed
  • Alba.co.kr
  • Albamon
  • LINKareer
  • Career

Read About How To Find Jobs In South Korea

There are some more ways to land a job in South Korea which may seem old school to you such as looking in newspapers for vacancies in South Korea. Some good papers include-

  • The Korea Herald
  • The Korea Times
  • The Seoul Times

Job fairs organised by South Korea are also there to help get a job which especially targets foreigners.

Networking can play a great role in getting a job in South Korea where you will feel welcomed and can get a great chance to get in.

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Requirements To Work In South Korea

To be eligible to work in South Korea you need a university degree. This degree should be in the same field as the job for which you are applying. To know Korean is not necessary but employers give a bit of priority to those who know Korean and will get mixed up easily with co-workers.

Documents Required For South Korean Work Visa

Here is the list of documents required for the South Korean Work Visa-

  • A valid passport will be required.
  • A criminal record check will be needed.
  • A job offer from a company located in South Korea will be required.
  • The visa application fee will be required.
Highest Paying Jobs In South Korea

Application Process Of South Korean Work Visa

South Korea allows both online and in-person visa applications which include-

  • E-visa application through the Korea Visa Portal.
  • Application from an international South Korean diplomatic office.
  • Confirmation of the visa on the portal.
  • Confirmation of the visa at a South Korean immigration office.
  • The type of job will often determine what visa the worker needs and how they should apply for it. make sure that your company must have a legal entity in South Korea to obtain an application for employees and act as a sponsor.

Here we come to the end where we have discussed all about the highest-paying jobs in South Korea to get more information regarding studying abroad, Visas and Universities Abroad. You are most welcome to follow Leverage Edu’s page.


Which job is highly paid in South Korea?

The highest paying jobs in South Korea are major executive roles, IT, finance and healthcare sectors, positions of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer are among the highest paid.

What job is easy to get in Korea?

Teaching English is another option and the easiest job in Korea to get, if you are coming from an English-speaking country then it becomes easier to get an English teacher job.

Is it expensive in South Korea?

Seoul is one of the most expensive cities in South Korea and the cost of living is quite high compared to other cities. the cost of dining, transport and attractions may be higher to some other destinations.

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