All You Need to Know About Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai 2024 

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Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai

The growing adoption of the internet accelerated the transformation of the digital marketing industry in the Middle East, most notably with the growth of digital marketing jobs in the UAE. Advancements that may have taken four years were completed within eight to twelve months. An analysis of the statistics in the Dubai market gives a great insight into the current state of affairs and the future of digital marketers.

In Dubai, income increases are substantial as one moves up the hierarchy. The extraordinary pay increase is partially attributable to larger bonuses. The benefits also start to occur more frequently. This article compares the digital marketing salary in Dubai in 2024 based on a number of variables, including localities, highest-paying firms in Dubai, education, and experience. 

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What is the Average Digital Marketing Job in Dubai? 

The pay for digital marketing in Dubai might vary depending on a number of criteria, including industry, firm size, experience, and talent. Entry-level jobs may pay between AED 8,000 and AED 12,000 a month on average, while mid-level employment may pay between AED 15,000 and AED 25,000. Experienced candidates and those in senior digital marketing roles may be able to make over AED 30,000 a month. 

Average Annual Salary254,800 AED
Average Monthly Salary21,233 AED
Lowest Annual Salary125,700 AED
Lowest Monthly Salary10,475 AED
Highest Annual Salary394,500 AED
Highest Monthly Salary32,875 AED

Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs in Dubai ‘

Here is a list of some high-paying digital marketing jobs in Dubai that you can explore and earn as much as you can. 

Job Positions Average Salary 
Digital Marketing ManagerAED 18,000 per month 
Digital Marketing AnalystAED 8,500 per month 
Digital Marketing StrategistAED 6,000 per month 
Digital Marketing CoordinatorAED 5,000 per month 
Social Media SpecialistAED 4,017 per month
Marketing ManagerAED 8,917 per month
Social Media ManagerAED 5,079 per month
Content WriterAED 4,271 per month

Comparison of Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai by Experience 

If you have been a Digital Marketing Manager for less than two years, you can hope to get a package near 200,000 AED p.a. 

Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai

Comparison of Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai by Cities 

Here is a comparison of digital marketing salaries in Dubai, which are based on the highest-paying cities in Dubai. 

Cities Average Salary 
Al BarshaAED 4,301 per month
Abu DhabiAED 4,268 per month
Dubai International CityAED 3,301 per month
Dubai International CityAED 3,301 per month
SharjahAED 3,363 per month
AjmanAED 3,398 per month
Al-AynAED 4,211 per month

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Comparison of Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai by Companies 

Here is a list of comparisons of digital marketing salaries in Dubai, which are based on the highest-paying companies in Dubai.

Companies Average Salary (Per month) 
The Emirates GroupAED 14,000 -AED 21,000
DubizzleAED 16,000  -AED 18,000
PuffyAED 7,000 -AED 11,000
Lagoon TechnologiesAED 4,000 -AED 8,000
WWICSAED 7,000 -AED 8,000
ENH Media & CommunicationsAED 5,000 -AED 7,000
EtisalatAED 10,000 -AED 12,000
Emirates NBDAED 7,000 -AED 9,000
Majid Al Futtaim GroupAED 11,000-AED 13,000
Damac PropertiesAED 11,000 -AED 13,000
UnileverAED 20,000 -AED 23,000
Square YardsAED 32,000 -AED 38,000

Comparison of Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai by Industry

Following are the different sectors that encode different ranges of salaries in digital marketing.

Industry Average Salary 
IT Industry120,000 AED to 450,000 AED 
Real Estate8,000 AED to 60,000 AED
Financial Services80,000 AED to 120,000 AED.
Manufacturing40,000 AED to 80,000 AED
Healthcare8,000 AED to 20,000 AED
Travel and Tourism6,500 AED to 15,000 AED 

Comparison of Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai by Education

Let’s examine how digital marketing salary in Dubai varies with qualification. 

Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai

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How much do digital marketing jobs pay in Dubai?

The average salary for a Digital Marketing Specialist is AED 20,150 per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The average additional cash compensation for a Digital Marketing Specialist in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is AED 15,000, with a range from AED 3,700 – AED 24,000.

What is the scope of digital marketing in Dubai?

Digital marketers in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai, have a very bright future ahead of them. Working professionals can take advantage of several opportunities in digital marketing as more and more users conduct their activities online and as the field’s visibility grows.

Are marketing jobs in demand in Dubai?

Businesses in the UAE are quickly recognizing that in order to remain competitive in the market, they need to use clever marketing techniques. The demand for marketing professionals with specific training and experience is rising, covering everything from brand management to digital marketing. The top ten marketing positions in the UAE for 2024 are examined in this article.

This is all you need to know about Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai 2024 if you want to read more about such salary blogs follow Leverage Edu.

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