All You Need to Know About Medical Technologist Salary in Canada for 2024

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Medical Technologist Salary in Canada: The medical technologist in Canada makes good money by working with well-known educational organizations. Furthermore, as we all know, the medical profession in Canada is most in demand, and a lot of medical professionals in Canada give you a lot of options in the field of medicine. In the following blog, you can check how much a medical technologist can earn in Canada and its different cities.


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Average Salary for Medical Technologists in Canada 

In Canada, the average income for a medical technologist is approximately 97,600 CAD per year. Moreover, this figure can vary greatly, with the lowest average compensation being approximately 51,500 CAD and the highest average salary being 151,800 CAD.

Average Annual Salary97,600 CAD Per Year
Average Monthly Salary8,133 CAD Per Month
Lowest Annual Salary51,500 CAD Per Year
Lowest Monthly Salary4,291 CAD Per Month
Highest Annual Salary151,800 CAD Per Year
Highest Monthly Salary12,650  CAD Per Month

Medical Technologist Salary in Canada by Experience Level

In the following table, you can check the medical technologist’s salary in Canada by experience level.

Experience Level Average Salary 
0 – 2 Years Experience60,000 CAD Per year
2 – 5 Years Experience73,100 CAD Per year
5 – 10 Years Experience105,800 CAD Per year
10 – 15 Years Experience123,000 CAD Per year
15 – 20 Years Experience134,100 CAD Per year
20+ Years Experience140,200 CAD Per year

Medical Technologist Salary in Canada by Education Level

Level of experience has a drastic effect on the salary of an individual. A higher level of education helps you gain a higher salary package due to enhanced knowledge and skills. You can earn around 93% of a higher salary with a master’s degree when compared to the a bachelor’s level qualification.

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Highest Paying Cities for Medical Technologists in Canada

Here is a list of some high-paying cities that offer a good salary for medical technologists in Canada. 

Cities Average Salary 
Toronto, ON40.29 CAD Per hour
Wingham, ON 39.58 CAD Per hour
Saskatoon, SK38.07 CAD Per hour
Halifax, NS37.12 CAD Per hour
Calgary, AB25.46 CAD Per hour
Hamilton, ON33.67 CAD Per hour
Winnipeg, MB33.23 CAD Per hour
Calgary, AB25.46 CAD Per hour

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Top Companies for Medical Technologists in Canada

Here is a list of some top companies that pay high salaries for medical technologists in Canada. 

Top Companies Average Salary 
Alberta Health Services34 CAD Per Hour 
Vancouver Coastal Health34 CAD Per Hour 
Nova Scotia Health Authority32 CAD Per Hour 
Saskatchewan Health Authority36 CAD Per Hour 
Public Health Ontario36 CAD Per Hour 
Shared Health (Canada)29 CAD Per Hour 
LifeLabs33 CAD Per Hour 
McGill University Health Centre29 CAD Per Hour 
Northern Health34 CAD Per Hour 
Alberta Precision Laboratories34 CAD Per Hour 
Provincial Health Services Authority35 CAD Per Hour 
Department of National Defense60,000 CAD Per Year 
Canadian Blood Services100,000 CAD Per Year 
Horizon Health Network70,000 CAD Per Year 
Sinai Health60,000 CAD Per Year 
Alberta Health Service76,000 CAD Per Year 

How Much Do Similar Professions Get Paid in Canada?

Here is a list of some similar jobs that pay well in Canada. 

Job Positions Average Salary 
Technologist32.51 CAD Per hour
Laboratory Technician24.22 CAD Per hour
Clinical Laboratory Scientist23.24 CAD Per hour
Laboratory Assistant22.85 CAD Per hour
Laboratory Analyst21.87 CAD Per hour
Laboratory Supervisor75,739 CAD Per year
Chemist75,061 CAD Per year 
Research Associate73,841 CAD Per year 
Lab Technologist73,125 CAD Per year 
Medical Technologist72,716 CAD Per year 
Laboratory Technologist71,780 CAD Per year 


Are medical technologists in demand in Canada?

If you are interested in continuing your medical laboratory technologist (MLT) career in Canada, then like many other healthcare professionals, MLTs are in high demand. Due to shortages of healthcare workers, there are great opportunities for MLTs.

How much do medical laboratory technologists earn in Canada?

The average medical laboratory technologist salary in Canada is 71,794 CAD per year or 36.82 CAD per hour. Entry-level positions start at 62,203 CAD per year, while most experienced workers make up to 82,377 CAD per year.

What is the highest-paying medical technology job?

Following is the list of some High-Paying Medical Technologist Jobs
Special Procedure Technologist
Lead Medical Technologist
Chief Medical Technologist
Medical Technologist Generalist
Medical Instrument Technician
Ambulatory Technologist
Ambulatory Service Representative
Medical Office Technologist.

This is All You Need to Know About Medical Technologist Salary in Canada. If you want to read more about this profession and its salary, follow Leverage Edu

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