Catalogue To Cardiac Sonographer Salary In Canada In 2024

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cardiac sonographer salary in canada

The medicine industry in Canada is an ever-growing industry. Every department of the medical field requires several professionals for a variety of different roles. Therefore there are plenty of openings and demand for the job role of Cardiac Sonographer along with good opportunities, competition and development opportunities. If looked at from the point of view of the salary, that is also quite good in the industry. Read this blog to the end to know in depth about the Cardiac sonographer salary in Canada and see if the job is perfect for you.


Average Salary Of A Cardiac Sonographer In Canada

The salary of a cardiac sonographer in Canada is calculated based on several factors, making the average range very wide. There is a huge possibility of you earning a different salary from what the averages will be provided as your experience, and many other factors will also be considered. However, the averages are also good in the industry. On average a cardiac sonographer earns a yearly salary of 140,700 CAD and an average monthly salary of 11,725 CAD. Let’s see what are the highest and lowest average factors below:

Highest monthly average17,475 CAD
Highest yearly average209,700 CAD
Lowest monthly average6,333 CAD
Lowest yearly average76,000 CAD

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Cardiac Sonographer Salary In Canada Based On Experience

The level of experience matters the most in the industry of medicine. Most of the skills are expected to develop with experience, proficiency and accuracy also advances, leading to no or minor errors and high reliability. This in turn can earn an extra salary. The salary that can be expected with 2 to 5 years of work experience in the industry is 26% higher. The following image provides more input on the topic.

cardiac sonographer salary in canada

Cardiac Sonographer Salary In Canada Based On Educational Qualification

Education also affects the salary factor majorly. The lower the educational qualification, the lesser clarity on the subject is considered. Education clarifies the topics, advances knowledge and reduces the learning time when in practice. The individuals with the educational qualification of master’s earn 53% higher salary than individuals with bachelor’s qualification.

Educational QualificationAverage Salary
Bachelor’s degree114,600 CAD
Master’s degree172,300 CAD

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Cardiac Sonographer Salary In Canada In Different Sectors

The salary varies in different sectors of the country. And the variation also depends from profession to profession. Considering the profession of the cardiac sonographer, the government is seen to pay higher salaries in the industry. The difference in the salary between private and public sectors is 6%. The private sector pays a 6% lower salary.

Sector Average Salary
Public sector 123,000 CAD
Private sector 115,600 CAD

Cardiac Sonographer Salary In Canada In Different Cities

To understand which cities suit you best it will be feasible to check which cities pay higher and lower salaries so the cities can be segregated and the best ones can be packed out to work. The following image will give details about the cities in Canada and the average salary there.

cardiac sonographer salary in canada

Cardiac Sonographer Salary In Canada Compared To Similar Professions

To check if the profession of a cardiac sonographer is a well-paid career or not, let’s compare the average salary of the cardiac sonographer to similar professions from the same industry. Following is the list of several similar professions and the average salary paid to them:

Profession Average Salary
Chiropractor 146,900 CAD
Clinic manager 172,200 CAD
Cytogeneticist 183,600 CAD
Lab technician 95,900 CAD
Clinical microbiologist 227,600 CAD
Clinical psychologist 358,300 CAD
CT technologist 109,000 CDA
Dental laboratory technician 73,100 CDA
Endoscopy technician 95,400 CAD
Endodontist 349,300 CAD 
Health technologist 153,700 CAD

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Are there good opportunities for cardiac sonographers in Canada?

There are plenty of opportunities for the profession of a cardiac sonographer in Canada, but the opportunities come with competition. There is always a need for highly skilled professionals and individuals with good experience in the industry.

Is there any difference in the average pay of male and female cardiac sonographers?

Yes, there is a difference in the pay of male and female cardiac sonographers. The difference percentage is 2. It is not a major difference but efforts are being made to remove this difference.

Is the average pay raise good in the industry?

The average pay raise in the profession of a Cardiac sonographer is moderate. Your work efficiency can affect the pay raise throughout the year. Right now you can expect around 8% of pay raise every year.

These were the thorough details about the Cardiac sonographer salary in Canada. To read more such blogs, follow Jobs Abroad and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. you can provide your views or doubts in the comment section below. 

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