An Updated Guide For Anaesthesiologist Salary in Australia 2024

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Anaesthesiologist Salary in Australia

 Anaesthesiologists are among the medical professionals commanding the highest salaries in Australia, reflecting the complexity of their work and the rigorous training required for their role. When considering anesthesiologist earnings over a year in Australia, it is also important to factor in factors that affect the salary range. The exact salary figure of an anesthesiologist can vary greatly depending on location, experience, and work type. To learn about the anesthesiologist’s salary in Australia in 2024, read this complete article for more information. 


Anaesthesiologist Salary in Australia 

Anaesthesiologists in Australia are highly compensated medical professionals. The average annual salary sits at 290,200 AUD, translating to a monthly average of 24,183 AUD. This range can vary significantly, with some anesthesiologists earning as little as 137,100 AUD (11,425 AUD monthly) and others reaching as much as 455,200 AUD (37,933 AUD monthly). Factors like experience and location likely influence where an individual falls within this spectrum. There are several factors, including experience, location, and sector of employment, that can influence the salary of an anesthesiologist in Australia.

Here are the various Factors Affecting Average Salary in Australia

Experience Wise Anaesthesiologist Salary in Australia

Experience has a significant role in establishing an anesthesiologist’s pay, as it does in many other occupations. Their pay usually rises as they advance in their career—from registrant to consultant—to reflect their increasing responsibility and level of skill.

Anaesthesiologist Salary in Australia

Education Wise Anaesthesiologist Salary in Australia

Level of education is important in determining an anesthesiologist’s salary. Their salary typically increases to reflect their level of education.

Education Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s degree67,800 AUD
Master’s degree114,000 AUD

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Organisation Wise Anaesthesiologist Salary in Australia

The organization is also an important factor that you can consider while applying for a job as an anesthesiologist. Here is a list of some good spying jobs in Australia for anesthesiologists. 

OrganisationAverage Salary Per Year 
JPS Medical Recruitment297,996 AUD
Santè Recruitment386,055 AUD 
Elective Recruitment407,450 AUD 
Queensland Government185,000 AUD
Government of South Australia465,000 AUD 
University of Queensland112,000 AUD 
ACT Government223,000 AUD 
St. Vincent’s Hospital712,000 AUD 
Healthcare Professionals Group232,000 AUD 
Medipeople Group220,000 AUD 
Mater Hospital North Sydney411,000 AUD 
Scope-Medical Recruitment231,000 AUD 
Odyssey Recruitment245,000 AUD 
Department Of Health217,110 AUD 
ACT Government321,000 AUD 
Murrumbidgee Local Health District321,000 AUD 
Australian Army Reserve135,290 AUD 

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City Wise Anaesthesiologist Salary in Australia

An anesthesiologist’s pay may also vary depending on where they work. In general, salaries in urban areas are higher than those in isolated or rural places. To attract talented professionals, rural roles should provide extra incentives like housing benefits or relocation aid.

Anaesthesiologist Salary in Australia

Position Wise Anaesthesiologist Salary in Australia

Anaesthesiologists in Australia are among the top earners in the medical profession. Here’s a breakdown based on similar professions:

Position Average Salary Per Year 
Pain Management Physician94,796 AUD 
Hospitalist191,780 AUD 
Urgent Care Physician96,503 AUD 
Physician86,093 AUD 
Paediatrician128,669 AUD 
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist120,707 AUD
Surgical Technician161,621 AUD
Professor172,264 AUD
Oncologist173,952 AUD 
Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist355,235 AUD
Pediatric Dental Anesthesiologist327,388 AUD
Staff Anesthesiologist319,532 AUD 
Anesthesiologist Assistant140,766 AUD

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Are anesthetists in demand in Australia?

Australia has established a well-deserved reputation for providing some of the best anesthetic positions available worldwide. Our public and private hospital networks are experiencing an increase in demand for anesthetists due to the surge in surgical operations.

How long does it take to become an anesthesiologist in Australia?

To become an anesthetist, a person must become a licensed physician, complete a residency program lasting at least two years, and then successfully complete a five-year combined specialist fellowship training program provided by FANZCA.

Is being anaesthetist a good job in Australia?

Anesthetists are some of the most highly regarded – and remunerated – specialist doctors in Australia and New Zealand, and have access to excellent sub-specialist career opportunities, including our groundbreaking pain medicine training program; diploma in diving and hyperbaric medicine; and, from 2024.

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