Brock University Graduate Programs for International Students: Requirements, Fees, Scholarships

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Brock University Graduate Programs

Founded in 1964, Brock University is a comprehensive institution situated in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Boasting a lively campus, it provides a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In addition, the university is committed to delivering outstanding educational experiences, ensuring students are well-prepared for success in their respective fields.

At Brock University, students have a selection of 77 undergraduate programs and 58 graduate programs to choose from. The campus currently hosts over 19,000 students, with more than 190 hailing from India, all pursuing higher education.

In this blog, we will talk about the graduate programs available at Brock University. 

Establishment Year1964
Exams Accepted TOEFL, IELTS, PTE and Duolingo
Total no. of campuses 2
Official website 

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Brock University Graduate Programs

Brock University provides a diverse array of over 130 programs. These encompass more than 70 undergraduate and 50 graduate programs spread across its seven faculties: the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Education, Humanities, Mathematics and Science, Social Sciences, Graduate Studies, and the Goodman School of Business.

The graduate offerings span various fields including Accountancy, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Geography, and more.

Brock University offers approximately 50 graduate programs across six faculties. Further, the university extends its diverse range of over 100 programs to international students hailing from 100+ countries across its two campuses. Moreover, among the popular programs that witness high enrollment figures are Biophysics, Accounting, Business Administration, Chemistry, and Canadian Studies. 

Here are the admission prerequisites for international students applying for graduate programs at Brock University:

Application Fees

  • 110 CAD  – MA, MBE, MSC, MS or PhD
  • 140 CAD (8,684 INR) – MADS, GD ADS, MBA, MAcc, MEd, MPH, MPH/MBA, MAG or MPK programs

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List of Brock University Graduate Programs

These are the top Graduate Programs offered at Brock University. In addition, read to find the course suitable to your education history and requirements:

Graduate Science Programs 

Here are some of the graduate programs in the field of science, available at Brock University:

CourseDurationEstimated FeesExam Accepted 
Master in Applied Disability Studies2 yearsCAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 6.5
Master in Art – Applied Disability Studies2 years CAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 6.5
Master in Art – Geography16 months CAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 6.5
Master in Chemistry2 years CAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 6.5
Master in Materials Physics ISP16 monthsCAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 6.5
Master in Physics2 years CAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 6.5

Finance and Marketing Graduate Programs

Here are some of the graduate programs in the field of finance and marketing, available at Brock University:

CourseDurationEstimated FeesExam Accepted 
Master in Accountancy8 MonthsCAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 7.5
Master in Business Administration and Public Health2 years CAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 6.5
Master in Management20 monthsCAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 7
Master in Business Administration2 yearsCAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 7.5

Engineering Graduate Programs

Here are some of the graduate programs in the field of engineering, available at Brock University:

CourseDurationEstimated FeesExam Accepted 
Master in Biotechnology2 years CAD 15,669/yearIELTS: 6.5

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Basic Admission Requirements

A general admission requirement for the students who want to study at Brock University is mentioned below:  

If a student has taken any standardized tests, they may also submit the results. Additionally, for specific programs, standardized exams may be required, and students are advised to consult the university’s website for details.

Brock University Scholarships

Canada offers a range of scholarships for international students, including those provided by Brock University. Below are some of the scholarships available along with their eligibility criteria and award amounts:

1. Caribbean International Scholarship

  • Eligibility Criteria: Academic merit and financial need
  • Award: CAD 4,000 

2. Brock Scholars Award

  • Eligibility Criteria: Based on admission average
  • Award: Up to CAD 13,600 

3. Emerging Market Entrance Awards

  • Eligibility Criteria: Students must be citizens of Colombia, Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan
  • Award: CAD 2,500 

4. International Education Fund

  • Eligibility Criteria: Academic merit
  • Award: Up to CAD 4,000 

5. International Bridging Scholar Award

  • Eligibility Criteria: Awarded if all the admission criteria are met
  • Award: CAD 2,500 

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Q1. How does Brock University in Canada fare in terms of academics and social life?

Ans. Brock University stands out for its accomplished faculty members, recognized for their expertise in their respective fields. The curriculum for each program is meticulously designed to stay current with the times.

Q2. What is the global reputation of Brock University in Canada?

Ans. Internationally, Brock University is most renowned for its emphasis on experiential learning. Additionally, through its Co-op and experiential learning department, over 2500 students secure valuable employment opportunities annually. Moreover, it is highly regarded for delivering an exceptional student experience.

Q3. Is Brock University in Canada an accredited institution?

Ans. Certainly, Brock University holds accreditation from AACSB International, also known as The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools Of Business.

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