Study in US: Survey Shows US is Most Preferred Country For Education

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Study in US: Survey Shows US TStudy in US: Top 5 Courses Which USA Provides For January 2024 Intakehe Most Visited Country For Education; Know Why

The United States has been crowned as the top choice for international students to pursue their higher education, says a survey by the Education Ministry. Last year, Canada had topped the list but this year it has been shifted to the second position.


The survey further suggested that almost 18 per cent of students consider the US as their top choice for studying. The second most favoured place is that of Canada which has 17 per cent votes.

Despite the long lines for visas, high quality of education and job opportunities, the US draws many students from all over the world. While Canada is famous due to its flexible permanent residency policies (PR) as well as its strong education system. 

The survey by the Education Ministry further suggests Germany was the third country on the list after which there was the UK. Apart from this, almost 45 per cent of the students suggested that they were willing to explore other countries.

These countries included Taiwan, Poland, South Africa and Belarus which have recently been gaining attention from Indian students.

Why Do Students Wish To Go to The USA?

Study in US: Survey Shows US The Most Visited Country For Education; Know Why

The main reason why Indian students prefer to go abroad is due to high-quality education and global job opportunities. 

Every year the maximum amount of students aim to the US to complete their higher education. There are many reasons behind this. Here is the list of all the reasons:

  • Unique curriculum
  • Multicultural environment
  • Quality education
  • Many job opportunities

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