BDes Game Design

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BDes Game Design

Today the Animation and Gaming industry is taking a prominent place on a global stage with people showing great interest in it. Therefore, needless to say, the BDes Game design course can open up great career opportunities for students. 

B.Des Game Design course is a part of the design field. Students pursuing this course learn the fundamentals of games across various platforms be it PCs, laptops, Mobiles, TVs and Tablets. In B.Des Game Design students become proficient in technical skills that are required in Game designing. The main idea of this course is to make students skilled in making games that are very attractive to users and can grab their attention of them. 

Branch Name Game Design 
Course Name B.Des Game Design
Duration 3-4 years 
Admission Process Entrance test / cut off 
Eligibility 10+2 from a recognized board 
Top Entrance exams LPUNECT / IICD 
Course Fees50,000 TO 9,00,000
Top Colleges Jain University, LPU, Sharda University, National Institute of Design
Career Options Game Designer, Game Developer, Game Tester, 2D Graphic Designer
Average Salary Rs. 5,00,000 – Rs. 7,00,000

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Eligibility for BDes Game Design

Different colleges and universities have their own prerequisites for the BDes Game Design course.

Criteria for UG Level

Generally, there are only 2 criteria for UG level that a student needs to fulfil in order to get enrolled for this course.

  • 10+2 education (in any stream i.e, Arts, Commerce or Science)
  • University or College specific entrance exam.

There are 2 top entrance exams that are conducted to enrol students for the B.Des Game Design course:

  • LPUNEST is conducted once a year by Lovely Professional University. It is a University level common entrance examination to enrol students for various UG and PG courses in Game designing. 
  • IICD on the other hand is conducted by the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design. Like LPUNEST, IICD is a University level exam and is conducted once a year. It has 3 parts – Part A gauges the general awareness of the students, Part B is all about testing conceptual knowledge and Part C includes an interview.

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Criteria for PG level

Any student who has completed his/her undergraduate degree can apply for PG in game design. Different colleges and universities might have minimum marks requirements for admission. The admission is done on both merit and entrance exam basis.

To enrol students for PG courses in Game designing there are 2 popular entrance exams that are held

  • DAIICT is conducted annually by the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology. It is a university-level examination for students who are looking to apply for a PG course in Game design.
  • CEED stands for Common Entrance Examination for Design and is conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Unlike DAIICT, CEED is a national-level examination for students who want to pursue a PG degree in Game design.

BDes Game Design: Syllabus

Check out the basic curriculum of the B.Des Game Design course that will help you understand what you will be studying for the next 4-3 years if you are planning to pursue this course.

Introduction to the GameGame Programming LanguageGame Idea: Visualization & Storytelling
Photoshop & FlashGame & Graphic codeGame Analysis: Loom
Game analysis CentipedeGame Design3D Game Design
Visual DesignProgramming in C++Game Design Documents
History of GamingDigital Art & LabCharacter Designing
Programming in CUX and UI designGame Analysis: Tetris
       –        –Game Development & Documentation
Modelling, Texturing & Lighting GamesTheft Auto IIIPortfolio
FX for GamesRigging & Animation for GamesStudio Design & Project Management
Sound DesignGame Interface DesigningProjects
Game Analysis: The SimsSound for GamesGame Engine
Sound for GamesFX for Games 
Rigging & Animation for Games       –  –
Hand-Held Devices   –   –    
Particles & Effects      –    – 

Game Designing  Colleges in India 

Due to advancements and the increasing popularity of the Gaming industry, there are many Colleges and Universities in India that offer a wide variety of Game design-related courses. Eligibility criteria differ from university to university and college to college. Here are the top colleges in India that offer game design courses.

LPU, JalandharNID Ahmedabad
Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, PunePresidency University, Bangalore
Chitkara University, ChandigrahWhistling Woods International, Mumbai
Jain University, BangaloreVels University

Private Colleges for BDes Game Design

Game Designing courses are offered by both private and government colleges. But the main difference lies in between their fee structure as studying in private colleges is more expensive than pursuing the same course from government colleges/universities. Here is the list of top private colleges in India that offer B.Des in Game designing and PG-level Game designing courses.

LPU, JalandharJain University, Bangalore
Presidency University, BangaloreWhistling Woods International, Mumbai
Vels UniversityChitkara University

Government Colleges for BDes Game Design

There are many Government colleges that offer Game designing courses at both UG and PG levels. Their fee structure differentiates them from private colleges as the fees of government colleges are quite low making it affordable for students. Here is the list of top government colleges in India that offer B.Des in Game designing and PG-level Game designing courses.

NID, GandhinagarNational Institute of Design Ahmedabad, Bengaluru Campus
Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune

Required Skillset of a Game Designer

Just like any other field, a career in Game designing also requires a candidate to possess some skills. Apart from being passionate and interested in Game designing a person needs to be highly skilled in the following areas that will help him/her to enjoy success in this field.

1. Creativity5. Knowledge of upcoming and current trends in the Gaming industry
2. Artistic Vision 6. Strong Analytical frame of mind 
3. A passion for Video games 7. Proficiency in programming 
4. Storytelling abilities8. Ability to work as a part of the team

Day-to-Day Tasks

The general daily tasks of a Game Designer involve-

  • Improvising existing games according to the new trends.
  • Coming up with interesting ways of winning and losing the game.
  • Developing user interface 
  • Developing different scenarios and levels of difficulty.
  • Suggesting interesting game ideas.
  • Experimenting with different unique themes and genres.
  • Coming up with interesting storylines
  • Developing characters

College Fees

Following is the fee structure of UG, PG and Diploma courses in Game designing of private and government colleges.

Fees for UG courses

Private College4.14 Lakhs22.00 Lakhs
Government College4.51 Lakhs4.51 Lakhs

Fees for PG courses

Private College4.00 Lakhs4.00 Lakh
Government College9.35 Lakhs9.40 Lakh

Fees for Diploma Courses

Private College2.00 Lakhs2.16 Lakhs
Government College1.00 Lakhs1.00 Lakhs

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Careers after BDes Game Design

Due to advancements in the Gaming industry, there are various career opportunities available that one can choose from according to his/her interest areas. Following are some popular job profiles that one can choose from after doing BDes Game Design”

Position Name Job Description
Game DesignerThe job profile of a game designer involves creating games for various devices like PCs, Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets. A game designer is responsible for making the game interesting that grabbing the attention of people instantly. They design the characters, stories, setting and rules of the game.
Game TesterThey test the seamlessness of a game for players so that they don’t face any obstructions or glitches while playing the game. A game tester looks out for bugs and technical glitches so that the player gets a seamless experience.
Game DeveloperResponsible for creating games across various devices like TVs, Laptops, computers and mobiles. They have to work with a team and design visual content for the games. Game developers use codes to make the game function.
Graphics DesignerBy understanding the psychology of the users, Graphic designers improve the UI of the game for the players to give the best possible experience. With the help of the illustrations, they are required to design the layouts.

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Recruiting Companies 

Students with a UG or a PG degree in game design have many interesting career options available to them. But a candidate’s amount of experience and skills is an important factor that decides the salary and the company that is going to hire him/her. The top companies that hire game designers are as follows-

  • 99 Games
  • Apar Games
  • Digikhel
  • GSN Games India 
  • Infosys
  • TCS
  • Zynga
  • Baazi Games

Average Salary 

Salary is dependent on three main factors which are 1) Skills, 2) Experience and 3) The hiring company. If a candidate is highly skilled and has a lot of experience then automatically his/her salary is going to be more. The following table represents the average salary after completing your education in BDes Game Design

Job PositionAverage Salary 
Game Design Rs. 5,53,000/year
Game DeveloperRs. 5,08,000/year
Game TesterRs. 2,20,320/year
Game SimulatorRs. 5,00,000/year
Source: Glassdoor & Payscale (Approximate value)


What is B.Des Gaming?

B.Des stands for Bachelor in Designing. B.Des Gaming is a 4-year undergraduate program that helps students get the technical skills required for becoming a game designer.

What is Game Design BFA?

Game Design BFA is a 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program. The course aims to provide knowledge to students regarding the fundamentals of games through lenses like design, technology and culture. It will help students learn disciplines like game design, game studies and game development while also making them proficient in game programming, visual or audio design, and the business of games.

How can one become a game designer after the 12th?

To become a game designer you can get enrolled in B.Des in Game designing. This Undergraduate course’s duration is around 3-4 years and after that, it can help you land a job as a game designer.

Is Game design a high-paying job?

Entry-level jobs are video game designing pays you around $50,000 whereas if you are at a senior level you can earn as much as $1000,000+ per year. Some companies pay even more to their designers depending on their experience and skills.

If you hold a passion for games and make a career out of it then pursuing B.Des in Game designing is a really good option for you. With people showing keen interest in games, it is a no-brainer that you can land a high-paying job in a good company. All you need to do is become highly skilled in technical areas of game design and build interesting projects. 

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