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A Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) is a three-to-four-year undergraduate degree that basically covers how a society should function. In order to learn all aspects of societal issues, the syllabus of BSS covers sociology, social policy, law, and ethics. By studying these different perspectives, you’ll gain a broad understanding of human behaviour, social issues, and the institutions that shape our world. This course is a big yes for people who are interested in learning about people and society. This article covers everything about the Bachelor of Social Science. 



Importance of Social Sciences

The Bachelor of Social Science sets the right foot into learning about the people and world. It gives a valuable combination of knowledge and skills that will benefit you in all the different fields. 

  1. Understanding of the World- Right after completing school it is important for children to learn the concepts of people and society. Through social sciences, you’ll explore historical trends, political systems, economic forces, and social issues, giving you a deeper understanding of the complexities of the world around you.
  2. Developing Transferable Skills– This course lets you develop skills like critical thinking, research communication, and analytical skills. So in the future, no matter where you end corporate, business, or government jobs, you will have ought-after abilities. 
  3. Career Flexibility– After completing your Bachelor of Social Science, you can try your hands on fields like social services, human resources, public policy, and research, or even continue your studies in specialized fields like law or social work.
  4. An Aware Citizen– Once all your concepts are clear you become a valuable asset for a nation. Why? It is because now you are an informed citizen to participate in different communities and seek positive changes in society.   

Top 10 Bachelor of Social Sciences Courses to Take

With new streams of Bachelor of Social Science coming every now and then, it is becoming increasingly famous amongst youngsters. 

Psychology- Psychology digs deep into the complexities of human and animal behavior, encompassing both conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, and motivations. It’s a scientific exploration of the mind that seeks to understand why we do what we do.

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Anthropology- It is the study of the history of humankind. It covers human behavior and biology, as a culture and society, both today and tomorrow. If you are someone aiming to know the history of humankind and who came first, this is the right choice of subject you should go for in your Bachelor of Social Science. 

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Economics– It is a very popular field of study that focuses on the study of a central process in all societies. You get a chance to use your mathematical brain to understand the concepts of how wealth and finance are distributed around the world and who contributes it more than the others. 

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Geography It is a practical subject, rather than a theoretical one. It inspects physical and human environments and how one can affect the other. The two major disciplines of Geography are physical geography and human geography 

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Sociology– Sociology is the scientific and systematic study of human society that focuses on society, human social behavior, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and aspects of culture associated with everyday life.

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Archaeology- It is the study of humans through material and remains of past life behavior. It is very similar to anthropology in ways that it explores past life. 

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HistoryAs the name suggests expertise in this field of Bachelor of Social Sciences enlightens about the systematic study of the human past. This course equips students with critical thinking skills, data analysis skills, and the ability to “understand change.

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Law- A specific field of law known as criminal law lets you understand the psychology of criminals and helps you become an active part of civilized citizens. Law is the subject of this course that makes you align with the rules of a nation, furthermore making sure that you do not get frauded or stand for what’s right and wrong. 

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Linguistics It is the study of language helping you look at how human language is formed, processed, and used in different contexts. Studying these subjects prepares you to think critically and creatively in these fields. 

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Politics– It is a matter of importance for every citizen but when you study the Bachelor of Social Sciences you become more aware of the nation’s politics and how it is affecting the nation, good or bad. 

Best Universities to Study Bachelor of Social Sciences

Many universities throughout the world have the best and most excelling social sciences courses that will boost your career. The best country to study social science depends on your specific interests, career goals, and personal preferences. However, below are a few of the universities from majorly two countries the UK and the USA

Social Science rank 2024Social science rank 2023UniversityCountry/region
11Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited States
12Stanford UniversityUnited States
33University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
44Harvard UniversityUnited States
56Princeton UniversityUnited States
67University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
75University of California, BerkeleyUnited States
88London School of Economics and Political ScienceUnited Kingdom
99University of Michigan-Ann ArborUnited States
1010Yale UniversityUnited States


What is the scope of Bachelor of Social Science?

This will equip you to understand society and its individuals through sociology, social policy, law, and practical ethics.

Is BSc a social science?

No! The full form of B. Sc. is Bachelor of Science and BSS is the acronym for Bachelor of Social Science. 

What is the best course in social science?

All the courses in social science are best but to choose from, the best are Psychology, Sociology, and Political Science. 

Here is everything you should know about the Bachelor of Social Science. For more detailed information, you can book your free counseling session with our experts and follow us. Leverage Edu for the latest updates.

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