Seoul National University Ph.D. Programs

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Seoul National University PhD Programs

Seoul National University PhD Programs: Seoul National University ranks among the most prominent universities in the world owing to its international reputation for academic brilliance. The college has 11495 students, 589 academic staff members, and 920 international students. The college provides degrees in UG, PG, doctorate, and integrated programs, and it offers more than 100 graduate-level courses in a variety of subject areas. The PhD programs of Seoul National University are well regarded and sought by both domestic and foreign students. Before we move further, here is the world ranking given to the university by several reputed organizations.

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Seoul National University World RankingOrganization
56thTimes Higher Education
29thQS World University Rankings
98thShanghai Jiao Tong University
129thU.S. News & World Report 

PhD programs at Seoul National University

The Seoul National University PhD programs can be classified into two types. Some programs are available for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees, while others are offered only for the doctorate degree. Here, we are discussing the courses that are offered exclusively for PhD degrees-

Public Administration

The Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University offers a PhD in Public Administration in two majors: Public Administration Major and Public Policy Major. Both of these doctoral programs have 39 credits, and the curriculum has Mandatory Cores, Mandatory (1 subject), Electives (3 subjects), and Common Electives. To make the program international student-friendly, elective courses are offered in English.

Environmental Planning 

The Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies has an excellent course for students who wish to pursue a PhD in environmental studies. Admission for the spring session starts in October, and admission for the fall session starts in April. There are four majors, namely: Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation Studies, Environmental Management, and Urban and Social Innovation. Besides this, students can do a PhD in any of these majors. To learn more about the course, you can visit

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Public Health 

At Seoul National University, the PhD program in public health offers students the chance to put their classroom knowledge to use in real-world public health and environmental issues. Additionally, it will offer chances to combine knowledge from prior encounters and education and evaluate particular approaches to resolving social issues. You can find the application form for these courses on

Fine Arts 

Students inclined towards arts and allied subjects can consider the Seoul National University College of Fine Arts. The college provides various Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. There are majors like Sculpture Major, Oriental Painting Major, and Painting/Printmaking Major in Fine Art, and students can choose from any of these.

Landscape Architecture 

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University has the Department of Landscape Architecture and Rural Systems Engineering which offers a doctoral course in Landscape Architecture.

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Other Courses Offered

Apart from the abovementioned doctoral courses, there are additional courses that are offered at all levels, i.e., UG, PG, and Doctoral. The table given below consists of all these courses.

English Language and Literature
Chinese Language
Korean Language and Literature
German Language and Literature
French Language and Literature
Hispanic Language and Literature
Russian Language and Literature
Asian History
Korean History
Western History
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Hybrid Materials
Multiscale Mechanical Design
Naval Architecture
Chemical Convergence for Energy and Environment
Ocean Engineering
Western Philosophy
Oriental Philosophy
Archaeology and ArtInternational RelationsInternational Relations
Political Science and
Political Science and Economics
Social Welfare
Business Administration
Art History
Religious Studies
Zoonotic Animal Diseases
Cancer Biology
Clinical Pharmacology Global Education Cooperation
Medical InformaticsStem Cell Biology
Artificial Intelligence
Landscape Architecture
Agricultural Genomics
Fine Arts Crafts & Design
Vocal Music
Woodwind and Brass
Korean Music
Comparative Literature
Cognitive Science
Performing Arts Studies
Archival Studies
Gender Studies
Classical Studies
Veterinary Medicine Dental Science
Biomedical Sciences
Veterinary Medicine Dental Science
Biomedical Sciences
Early Childhood
Home Economics
Art Management
Art Education
Music Education
Special Education
Environment Education
Mechanical Engineering
Civil & Aerospace Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Materials Sciences and Engineering
Energy Systems Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Genetic Engineering
Computational Science Bioinformatics
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Economics, and Policy Offshore Plant Technology Management
Urban Design
Agricultural and Forest


Who do I contact for queries regarding the application process?

For any admission-related doubts, you can contact the Office of Admissions, Seoul National University, 1 Gwanak-ro Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826, Republic of Korea.
E-mail [email protected]
Tel: 82-2-880-6971, 6977
Fax 82-2-873-5021

What is the application fee for PhD programs at Seoul National University?

The application fee is KRW 90,000 or INR 5595.7 for the Graduate program. You can make the payment via an online application using an Account deposit or Credit card for international transactions.

Is it mandatory to submit proof of both English and Korean proficiency?

Yes, during the application process, you are required to submit both proof of English and Korean language proficiency.

In conclusion, Seoul National University’s PhD programs offer a remarkable opportunity for aspiring scholars to pursue advanced research and academic excellence. With its renowned faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and interdisciplinary approach, the university provides a nurturing environment for intellectual growth.

Whether in science, humanities, or any other field, Seoul National University’s PhD programs empower students to make significant contributions to their respective disciplines and shape the future of knowledge. 

If you are planning to study abroad in the upcoming intakes get in touch with our study abroad experts at 1800-57-2000. 

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