UC Berkeley Study Abroad Summer 2023

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uc berkeley study abroad summer

Berkeley Summer Abroad provides intensive summer programs run by Berkeley faculty that are based on Berkeley courses. All University of California students, guests from other colleges and universities, international students, and adults are welcome to participate in Berkeley Summer Abroad programs.

UC Berkeley Study Abroad Summer and Global Internships

Berkeley courses are all taken in the Berkeley Summer Abroad and Berkeley Global Internships programs. The course numbers, titles, units, and grades will appear on your Berkeley transcript and be taken into account when calculating your overall UC GPA. The courses may fulfill major, minor, breadth, and general education requirements if approved by the department and/or college.

  • Learn more about a subject with an international focus while earning Berkeley credit (or UC credit for visiting students).
  • Studying specialized subjects, languages, and cultures while living, studying, and traveling with other program participants.
  • Courses can fulfill major/minor requirements as well as breadth requirements. For more information, visit the pages of each program.
  • Financial aid is available
  • Beginning on February 1st, 2023.
  • Available to visitors and students at Berkeley. Space is scarce. Every application is evaluated in the order in which you are received.

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UC Education and Abroad Program (UCEAP)

Each and every UCEAP course, unit, and grade will automatically transfer back to Berkeley and post as UC credit on your transcript. Your cumulative UC GPA is based on your UCEAP grades. Every course you enrol in with UCEAP has a subject, number, and title assigned to it. There is no connection between the UCEAP course numbers and any particular UC Berkeley course numbers. However, the courses may satisfy major, minor, breadth, and general education requirements if approved by the department and/or college.

uc berkeley study abroad summer

UC Berkeley Study Abroad Summer Programs

Below mentioned are the UC Berkeley Study Abroad Summer Programs:

ProgramCountryApplication OpenApplication Deadline
Paris, France: Muslims in the West: Immigration, Refugees and IslamophobiaFrance02/01/202303/15/2023
Eleusis, Greece: Artmaking, Community and Social ImpactGreece02/01/202303/15/2023
Belfast, Northern Island: Leadership in Practice: CoFounders and PeacemakerIreland02/01/202303/15/2023
Portugal: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in EuropePortugal02/01/202303/15/2023
London, U.K.: Shakespeare and the Arts in LondonUnited Kingdom – England02/01/202303/15/2023
Paris, France: French Language, Culture & SocietyFrance02/01/202303/15/2023
Ghana: Pan Afrikan Social Movements: Past, Present and FutureGhana02/01/202303/15/2023
Greece: Mediterranean Nutrition and Food Systems Greece02/01/202303/15/2023
Dublin, Ireland: Sports History & Cultural IdentityIreland02/01/202303/15/2023
Manila, Philippines: Narratives of Tradition and ResistancePhilippines02/01/202303/15/2023
Barcelona, Spain: The Other Side/ El Otro LadoSpain02/01/202303/15/2023

UC Berkeley Study Abroad Summer (Other Campus Programs)

You will receive a transcript from the University of California if you take part in a summer or quarter programme run by another campus. The courses will appear on your Berkeley transcript as units once you have submitted them to the Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and grade points will be added to your UC GPA. However, the Berkeley transcript does not include any course information. If you need to provide course information to graduate schools, employers, etc., you can ask the UC for an official transcript of participation. 

uc berkeley study abroad summer

UC Berkeley Study Abroad Summer (Affiliate and Independent Programs)

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will accept an official transcript for courses taken on affiliated and independent study abroad programmes. If accepted, transfer credit is recorded on your Berkeley transcript along with information about the institution that granted it, the term, and the total number of units. The Berkeley transcript does not include individual course information, and courses are not taken into account when calculating the UC GPA. In the future, when graduate schools, employers, etc. require course details, you will need to request an official transcript from the host institution. However, Berkeley undergraduate academic advisers can see the course titles, units, and grades in the CalCentral system, and if the department approves, you can be used to complete major, minor, breadth, and general education requirements.

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UC Berkeley Study Abroad Summer: Academic Planning

For effective UC Berkeley Study Abroad Summer: Academic Planning experience, follow the steps below.

Examine your academic progress

Determine which major, minor, breadth, and/or general education requirements you still need to complete by using CalCentral tools like the multi-year planner and academic progress report, as well as tools on departmental and college websites. Make or update your academic plan to include all requirements for the semesters and summer sessions left before graduation. Pay close attention to courses that must be taken in order or are only offered during certain terms.

YouTube – Harvard Summer School

Review the departmental and college study abroad policies

There are different policies for study abroad participation at each college and department, including a cap on the number of study abroad courses or units that can be used to fulfill major or minor requirements. When determining your college eligibility and the departmental rules for fulfilling major or minor requirements, use our College Advising and Major Advising pages as a starting point. Your academic plan should be updated as necessary to reflect the number of study abroad courses you can apply to your desired major(s) or minor(s).

Think about the best participation term

Determine which term(s) are most advantageous for studying abroad while remaining on track for graduation based on your preliminary academic plan and college/departmental research. With your college’s approval, you can spend up to three semesters and several summers studying abroad. If you can complete the major, minor, or breadth requirements in your remaining non-study abroad terms at Berkeley, you are exempt from taking those courses while studying abroad. Students frequently participate in a summer study abroad program after attending their spring graduation ceremony, which allows them to graduate administratively with the summer degree list.

How to Apply?

Before submitting an application for a UC Berkeley Study Abroad program, we advise you to:

  • Attend an information session to determine which Summer Abroad option is the best fit for you.
  • Schedule a customized 1 on 1 session to receive advice.  To schedule a meeting with the coordinator of the summer abroad program.
  • Receive financial aid package estimates and advice: Please complete this form (CalNet Authentication required) if you would like to receive a financial aid package estimate. Your financial aid estimate will be sent to you via email; please give us at least one week to respond.

Application Process for UC Berkeley Study Abroad

Applying for UC Berkeley Study Abroad online requires:

1. A 200–300 word statement of interest with the main subject being “Why did you choose your specific study abroad program?” (For instance, what academic objectives do you have for this program? What do you want to find out? Why are you a good fit for this program?

2. A 200–300 word answer to the following questions: “In a Summer Abroad program, you will frequently engage with local people and communities abroad. What does it mean to you to be a cultural ambassador? What kind of image do you hope to project when you interact with global communities on behalf of Berkeley?”

3. Optional response to the following query: “Students may face particular difficulties when studying abroad. What assistance, if any, do you anticipate requiring from the course to be successful in this setting?

4. A copy of your most recent official or unofficial college transcript. You must include your name, the name of your college, and the current courses on your transcripts.

5. A completed Student Agreement, which will be sent to you via DocuSign once your application has been submitted.

6. A completed student Waiver of Liability, which will be sent to you via DocuSign once your application has been submitted.

7. A completed Pandemic Notice of Understanding (you will receive this via DocuSign once your application has been submitted).

8. $400 down payment. The $400 deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your program fee if you are accepted to the program. Your deposit will be returned if you’re placed on a waitlist or are turned down for admission to the program. The deposit is still non-refundable if you ask to withdraw your application before a decision on admission is made or cancel your participation after being accepted into the program. 

Students at UC Berkeley: When you apply, the $400 deposit will be charged to your CalCentral account. Financial aid-eligible students can wait until their summer aid is disbursed to pay the deposit, but if you withdraw your application before a decision on your application has been made or withdraw from the program after a decision has been made, you will still be responsible for paying the full deposit.

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How much GPA do you need to study at Berkeley?

You require a minimum 3.0 GPA to study at Berkeley.

Why is UC Berkeley ranked so high?

UC Berkeley is ranked so high due to world-class academics, reasonable costs and great sports.

Is UC Berkeley hard to get into for international students? 

The overall acceptance rate for admission at UC Berkeley is 17.5%. 

We have covered all the programs for UC Berkeley Study Abroad Summer. Since admission to top universities is highly competitive, you’ll need to submit an application that is immaculate in addition to having strong academics. Leverage Edu experts who can help you with the application process so that you may accomplish your objectives. Contact us right away at 1800 57 2000 for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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