Goa Board Exam Date 2024 Announced for SSC and HSSC!! [Download PDF]

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Goa Board Exam Date 2024

Goa Board Exam Date 2024: The Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has declared the starting date for SSC and HSSC examinations. As per this state education board, the SSC theory exam for regular subjects and National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) students will start on 1 April 2024 and 4 March 2024, respectively. Whereas, the HSSC theory exam is scheduled to start on 28 February 2024. Further, the board also announced the tentative date sheet 2024 for the upcoming examination. Let’s explore!!

Goa Board SSC Exam Dates 2024

Class 10 Goa Board Exam 2024 for regular subjects will begin on 1 April 2024. Further, NSQF subjects and Pre-Vocational (Children with Special Needs) papers will start from 4 March 2024 and 13 March, respectively. On the other hand, History (Children with Special Needs), Geography (Children with Special Needs), and Science (Children with Special Needs (CWSN) and General) will be starting from 1 March 2024. 

However, the SSC Goa Board 2024 detailed timeline has yet to be finalised. Nevertheless, the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has published the tentative timetable, which is tabulated below.

Goa SSC Exam Date 2024 (Tentative)Subjects
1 April 20241st Language: English, Urdu, Marathi;
1st Language (Children with Special Needs): Functional Marathi, Functional English
2 April 20242nd Language: Hindi;
2nd Language Composite: Hindi-Arabic, Hindi-Sanskrit;
2nd Language (Children with Special Needs): Functional Hindi (SL)
3 April 2024Home Vegetable Garden (Children with Special Needs)
4 April 20243rd Language: Portuguese, Arabic, English, Urdu, French, Kannada, Marathi, Sanskrit, Konkani;
3rd Language (Children with Special Needs): Functional Marathi (TL), Functional Konkani (TL), Functional English (TL) 
5 April 2024Bakery Fundamentals (Children with Special Needs) 
6 April 2024Paper 1 of Social Science: Urdu, English, and Marathi Medium;
Political Science and History: Urdu, English, and Marathi Medium
8 April 2024Paper 2 of Social Science: Urdu, English, and Marathi Medium;
Economics and Geography (Children with Special Needs): Marathi and English Medium, Economics and Geography with accommodation (E)
10 April 2024Cutting and Tailoring ((Children with Special Needs) (E)
11 April 2024Basic Math (Level 2 Math): Urdu, English, and Marathi Medium;
Math (Children with Special Needs): Everyday Math (E)
12 April 2024 Level 1 Math (Regular): Urdu, English, and Marathi Medium;
13 April 20241. Banking, Financial Service, and Insurance;2. ITeS/IT3. Plumbing4. Automobile5. Wellness and Beauty6. Healthcare7. Retail8. Logistics9. Apparel10. Agriculture11. Construction12. Tourism and Hospitality13. Electronics14. Telecommunication;
15 April 2024Science: Urdu, English, and Marathi Medium;
General Science (Children with Special Needs): English and Marathi Medium, General Science with Accommodation 
16 April 2024Basic Floriculture (Children with Special Needs) (E)
17 April 2024Desktop Publishing (Children with Special Needs);
Pre-Vocational Subjects: Fine Art, Electronics, Food Processing, Horticulture, Garment Cutting Sewing, Cookery
18 April 2024Data Processing (Children with Special Needs)
19 April 2024Basic Cookery (Children with Special Needs) (E)
20 April 2024Painting and Drawing

Goa Board Exam Class 10 Date 2024 PDFDownload

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Goa Board HSSC Exam Dates 2024

The class 12 Goa Board Exam in 2024 will commence in February. Practical exams for general subjects will start on 1 February 2024. Further, NSQF practicals and audit of Vocational Subjects will begin on 7 February 2024 and 1 February 2024, respectively. Besides, the theory exam for the HSSC Goa board is scheduled to start on 28 February 2024. 

Goa HSSC Exam 2024: Science, Arts and Commerce Streams

Students appearing for HSSC Goa Board Exam 2024 can prepare as per the following tentative dates, as published by the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

Goa HSSC Exam 2024 (Tentative)Subjects
28 February 20241. Geography (Children with Special Needs)2. Geography
29 February 2024Language I:1. Marathi2. English (Children with Special Needs)3. English
1 March 20241. Field Technician (Electronics)2. Installation Technician (Electronics)3. Apparel4. Automobile5. Gardner (Agriculture)6. Construction7. Retail8. Wellness and Beauty9. Healthcare10. Hospitality and Tourism11. Logistics Management12. Media and Entertainment;
Painting (Children with Special Needs)
2 March 20241. Psychology (Children with Special Needs)2. Psychology;
Cookery (Children with Special Needs)
4 March 20241. History (Children with Special Needs)2. History3. Physics4. Accountancy
5 March 20241. Sociology (Children with Special Needs)2. Sociology
6 March 20241. Economics (Children with Special Needs)2. Economics3. Geology4. Biology
7 March 2024Language II:1. Marathi (Children with Special Needs)2. Marathi
9 March 20241. Co-operation (Children with Special Needs)2. Co-operation3. Computer Science4. Banking
11 March 20241. Political Science (Children with Special Needs)2. Political Science3. Business Studies4. Chemistry
12 March 2024Language II:1. Hindi2. Hindi (Children with Special Needs)
13 March 2024Language II:1. French2. English3. Urdu4. Konkani (Children with Special Needs)5. Konkani6. Portuguese7. Sanskrit
14 March 20241. Secretarial Practice2. Secretarial Practice Children with Special Needs)3. Math4. Statistics and math

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Goa HSSC Exam 2024: Vocational Stream

Further, students appearing for the vocational stream in Class 12 in Goa can refer to the following tentative Goa Board Exam 2024 timetable, as decided by the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. 

Goa HSSC EXam 2024 Date (Tentative)Subjects
28 February 2024Communication Skills: English Children with Special Needs);
Communication Skills: English
1 March 20241. Food Production 2. Accountancy 3. Auto Transmission 4. Olericulture 5. Concept of Disease and Health 6. Apparel Decoration and Designing 7. Biology (Vocational studies) 8. Confectionery 9. Electronic Materials and Workshop Practice 10. Software Application Children with Special Needs) 11. Software Application 12. Travel Formalities
5 March 2024General Foundation Course (Children with Special Needs);
General Foundation
7 March 20241. Bakery (Consumer Relationship Management) 2. Bakery 3. Pomology 4. Computer Application (Children with Special Needs) 5. Computer Application 6. Math (Vocational Studies) 7. Chemistry (Vocational Studies)8. Clothing Construction 9. Digital Electronics & Computers 10. Public Education and Public Health 11. Automobile Engineering II
9 March 20241. Floriculture 2. Insurance II 3. Applied and Consumer Electronics 4. Software Technology (Children with Special Needs)5. Software Technology 6. Fashion Marketing & Fiber to Fabric 7. Food and Beverage Service 8. Business Communication and Advertising 9. Landscaping, Floriculture, and Vegetable 10. Food Costing and Food Science 11. Taxation and Cost Accounting 12. Emergency Care and First Aid 13. Hospitality Industry: Introduction 14. Garage Management and Auto Servicing 15. Electrical Measurements and Electronic 16. Office Administration 
12 March 20241. Landscaping and Gardening 2. Business Administration3. Domestic and Consumer Appliances 4. Ticketing and Travel Agency Operations 5. Banking II 6. Web Technology (Children with Special Needs) 7. Web technology8. Accommodation Operation 9. Instrumentation and Industrial Electronics 10. Auto Electricals 11. Industrial Administration12. Auditing: Practice and Principles 13. Maternal and Child Health 14. Printing and Dyeing 15. Accommodation Operation (CRM) 16. Commercial Crops

Goa Board Exam Class 12 Date 2024 PDF- Download

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Q.1. What is the full form of HSSC in Goa?

Ans: HSSC stands for Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) in Goa. It refers to Class 12 in the Indian education system.

Q.2. Is the Goa Board Exam Date 2024 out?

Ans: Yes. the tentative date sheet for Goa Board SSC and HSSC 2024 is out. The board will be announcing the timetable soon. 

Q.3. When will the Goa HSSC Exam 2024 start?

Ans: Goa HSSC Exam 2024 will start on 28 February 2024.

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