Do 12th Marks Matter to Study Abroad? Get Your Answers Here!

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Do 12th Marks Matter to Study Abroad

The journey of education is like an exciting adventure, especially for Indian students who dream of studying abroad for their master’s degree. In this journey, the question often arises: do 12th marks matter when you’re thinking about pursuing a master’s degree in another country? Let’s delve into this topic and make it clearer for you.


Why are 12th Marks Important for Studying Abroad?

As Indian students, we know that the class 12 board exams hold a special place in our hearts. These marks seem to play a big role in our lives, from deciding on college admissions to opening doors for various opportunities. When it comes to studying abroad, particularly in places like the USA, the importance of these marks can be a bit puzzling. So, do marks matter? Let’s break it down-

  1. Admission Considerations

Getting into a master’s program abroad is an exciting yet challenging path. While exams like the GRE or GMAT are usually part of the admission process, your academic track record matters too. This is where your 12th marks come into play. They might not be the only factor, but they can help you stand out in the crowd. Some universities look at your overall profile, and strong 12th marks can reflect your commitment and dedication.

  1. Proving Academic Skills

Doing well in your 12th board exams can showcase your ability to handle tough academics. This is particularly important when you’re moving from a bachelor’s to a more specialised master’s program. Good 12th marks can indicate that you have the foundation to thrive at the graduate level.

  1. Scholarships and Financial Aid

Money matters and scholarships can be a big help when you’re studying abroad. Many universities and organisations offer scholarships based on your academic performance. Here’s where those impressive 12th marks can come to your aid, increasing your chances of getting financial support for your studies.

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What to do in Case You Don’t Have Good Marks in 12th?

Following are some ways that can still lead you to your desired study abroad destination-

  1. Seek Foundation Programs

While your 12th marks might not have dazzled, you can enrol in foundation programs tailored to your chosen academic system. These programs are designed to bridge the gap between your current academic standing and the entry requirements of universities abroad. They provide essential knowledge and skills, ensuring you’re fully prepared for your master’s journey.

  1. Explore Diverse Study Destinations

Don’t limit your aspirations to renowned universities only. Lesser-known institutions or those in tier-2 cities can offer remarkable education and ample growth prospects. These universities might have more flexible admission criteria, making them an accessible choice for students with varying academic backgrounds.

  1. Seize Skill-Based Opportunities

The modern world values skills and practical expertise just as much as academic grades. Explore study abroad options in fields such as digital marketing, coding, design, or entrepreneurship. These disciplines often prioritise portfolios and practical skills, allowing you to shine based on your talents.

  1. Look up for Private Institutions

Private universities and colleges offer unique study-abroad opportunities. They may consider a holistic evaluation that encompasses more than just your academic scores. While maintaining a commitment to excellence, private institutions could be more open to students with varied academic backgrounds.

It’s worth noting that while 12th marks do matter, they’re not the only thing universities look at. Admission committees take a broader view, considering things like your statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and relevant work experience. So, even if your 12th marks aren’t perfect, a strong overall application can still make a positive impression.

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Can I get into a master’s program abroad if my 12th marks aren’t very high?

Absolutely! While good 12th marks can help, universities also consider your overall application, including your bachelor’s performance, test scores like GRE/GMAT, and other factors like letters of recommendation.

Will scholarships be available to me if I don’t score exceptionally well in my 12th exams?

Yes, scholarships are often based on various factors, not just 12th marks. Many scholarships take into account your performance during your bachelor’s degree, your test scores, and even your extracurricular activities and achievements.

I’m worried that my average 12th marks might hinder my chances of studying abroad. What can I do?

Don’t be discouraged! Focus on building a strong overall profile. Highlight your strengths in your statement of purpose, showcase your skills through relevant work experience, and secure good scores in tests like GRE/GMAT. A well-rounded application can help balance out your 12th marks.

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