Difference Between Academic and Vocational Courses after 10th Grade

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difference between academic and vocational courses after 10th grade

Facing the reality of making decisions related to a career path, or choosing related courses start after students pass their 10th Grade. This is the next step after CBSE Board Result 2023 gets announced. From different streams in academic courses to practical learning in vocational courses, students find different options surrounding their goals and aspirations. But how does one make a choice? What are these academic and vocational courses after 10th grade and how are they different from each other? If you are intrigued and want to know more, continue reading this blog which entails information about the difference between academic and vocational courses after 10th grade. 

About Academic Courses

Academic courses focus on the essential components of a subject, moving towards exploring its branches and related concepts over the course duration of the programme. They help develop the core knowledge and skills of the students related to the discipline they decide to study and pursue. This includes theoretical knowledge, applications of essential topics and themes of the subjects, along with a necessary integration of practical framework into the course curriculum. So, if you decide to pursue computer science, a traditional classroom setting with set teachings on the subject will be followed. 

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About Vocational Courses

In contrast to academic courses, there are vocational courses for students after 10th grade. Vocational courses focus on the development of particular industrial skills that help the student prosper in their respective career fields. The emergence of vocational courses has only grown with time, given the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the workforce. Rather than theoretical knowledge, vocational courses are highly skill-specific, being developed with the help of respective industries. The course curriculum of vocational courses is designed in a way that students can take up professional jobs upon graduation. Fields like computer technology, office management, etc, offer a number of vocational courses. 

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Difference Between Academic and Vocational Courses after 10th Grade

Now that we have discussed an overview of both academic and vocational courses after 10th grade, let’s learn about their differences in a concise table, which is shared below. 

Academic Courses Vocational Courses 
These courses are taught in a traditional classroom setting. These courses follow a mix of providing training in a practical work environment with some classroom teachings; which can be either online or offline.
Academic courses can be pursued in the same school or academic environment.Vocational courses are taught in a completely new environment, that imbibes practical settings.
A familiar form of the traditional approach is followed here. Possibilities of new approaches being followed are achieved here. 
These courses are suitable for students who are more comfortable with theoretical understanding; or learnings that involve discussions and readings. These courses are more suitable for students who like to learn through a practical understanding, with training and mentoring, and a bit of reading and discussing.
With limited learning hours, there are long hours for research and self-study With little to no theoretical research, there are more hours for training involved.
You are not paid to study but the other way around. Here, if the courses include training programmes like an apprenticeship, then you are paid to learn in a work environment. 
Examples of Academic courses are:  
Art History
English Literature
Examples of Vocational courses are:  
Health studies
Art and Design
Hotel Management 
Source: NDTV

Academic and Vocational Courses after 10th Grade in India 

Shared below are the lists of academic and vocational courses after 10th grade in India. 

Academic Courses After 10th in India Vocational Courses after 10th in India 
Designing courses
Animation courses
Fashion designing courses
Graphic design courses
Engineering courses
Diploma in Digital Marketing
Diploma in Marine Engineering
Diploma in Hotel Management
Certificate in Search Engine Optimisation
Certificate in Graphic/Web Designing
Certificate Course in Programming Language
Banking & Financial Services
Accounting & Taxation
Jewellery Design
Sports Nutrition
Craft Course in Food Production
Food & Beverage Services
Audio Technician
Hotel Reception & Bookkeeping
Boutique Management
HR Management
Retail Business
Public Administration

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