What is the Full Form of PRD?

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PRD full form

The full form of PRD is a Product Requirement Document. It is a document that contains all of the specifications for a certain product. It is written in such a way that consumers may comprehend what a product should do. However, a PRD should generally avoid anticipating or outlining how the product will accomplish it so that interface designers and engineers can later use their knowledge to deliver the best answer to the needs.

PRDs are most commonly used for software goods, but they can also be used for any other type of product or service. A PRD is typically prepared from the perspective of a user/client or a company’s marketing department (in the latter instance, it may also be referred to as a Marketing Requirements Document (MRD)). The criteria are then broken down and specified in a Functional Specification (also known as a Technical Criteria Document) by a (possible) maker/supplier from a more technical standpoint.

What Should a Product Requirements Document Contain?

Every explicit capability required for the release must be included in a PRD. Each requested capability should be accompanied by a use case describing how a user would use this functionality and informing the test plan.

Sub-items may be used to provide extra detail and granularity to technical teams if a feature is complex. When applicable, each of these sub-items should have its own use case.

In addition to the specific features and capabilities, the PRD should include a purpose/overview/ for the release. While this should not attempt to recreate what is in the MRD, it should clarify exactly what the product team is attempting to achieve with this specific release.

The PRD should include any additional needs in addition to the functional requirements. These include any system or environmental requirements (for example, this product should work on Windows 10 or later, or on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers), as well as any usability requirements.

The Assumptions, Constraints, and Dependencies are the final batch of PRD ingredients.

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