Is There Gravity on the Moon?

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moon gravity

If you land on the moon will you float or not? We often see astronauts floating in their spaceships in 0 gravity spaces while travelling to the moon. However, once they reach the moon they can stand and walk around as closely as on the Earth and float whenever they want. 

This is because of the gravity of the moon. Every object that has mass has a gravitational pull of its own. The gravitational pull of large and dense celestial bodies is more than that of smaller ones. For instance, astronauts are seen bouncing and walking lightly on the moon like playing on a trampoline. 

The moon’s surface is definitely not bouncy like a trampoline, but the gravity on the moon is much lesser than that on Earth which makes it possible. Can you guess why? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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moon gravity

What is the Moon Gravity?

The force with which the moon pulls an object within a specific radius is called the moon’s gravity. It is much less than the gravitational pull of the Earth. Earth’s gravitational pull or acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2 whereas that of the moon is 1.6 m/s2. 

This is ⅙ of Earth’s gravitational pull. However, gravity on the moon is inconsistent with “Bouguer” gravity anomalies. These anomalies arise due to giant craters which result in varied thickness of the Moon’s crust or the density of its crust and mantle. 

Because of low gravity, the moon cannot hold onto a huge atmosphere. Its feeble atmosphere is mostly made of sodium and potassium. 

moon gravity
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Impact of Moon’s Gravity on Earth

Earth’s gravitational pull holds the moon in place but as we know gravity is a relational bond and so the moon also exerts its own gravitational pull on Earth. This gravity exerted by the moon prevents the wobbling of the Earth. 

It also ensures that the atmosphere on Earth is stable and there are no sudden major environmental shifts. On top of that it is because of the moon’s gravity that Earth gets pulled towards it and has tilted on its own axis to harbour the marvellous seasons we experience today. 

moon gravity
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 Therefore, moon gravity is not only beneficial for the moon but also for the Earth to sustain its atmosphere, seasons and subsequently life. For more such informative blogs on Science and Technology stay tuned to our General Knowledge section.  

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