What is the Full Form of JK?

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JK Full Form

The Full Form of JK is Just Kidding. JK is usually put to use during casual friendly conversations in the form of written communication like texts or chats. Moreover, when you say JK you mean that the text that you sent before was not meant to be taken seriously at all. The short form of JK is used all over the world for the same purpose. Additionally, at times, people might take texts in a literal way, that is when the JK comes into play.   

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What is an Example of JK?

Imagine a situation wherein you have not met your best friend for ages. Since you are studying overseas as a prank you tell them that you are arriving the very next day. For a second they might not believe you, but if they do and you feel that you have taken the prank too far, you can just send a “JK!” and apologise too. 

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