How is a Chief Minister Elected in India?

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A chief minister (CM) is the real representative head of a state. There are in total 28 chief ministers of each state of the Republic of India. Article 164 of the Hon’ble Constitution of India clearly states that the governor or de jure appoints the Chief Minister of the state or the de facto. Post the elections of the state legislative assembly, the coalition or a party with majority states to form a government is invited by the governor who appoints the chief minister. The one who gains the confidence of the assembly is sworn in as the chief minister of the state. This is how the chief minister is elected in India. Scroll to learn more about the elections for chief minister. 

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Eligibility Criteria 

Following are the eligibility criteria required for the appointment of the Chief Minister. 

  • Indian Citizen
  • An element of the state’s legislature
  • At least 25 years old
  • In case the candidate is not a member of the State legislature after the selection they have to get elected in state legislature after 6 months of being elected as the CM. If they fail, they will be removed from the position of CM. 

Tenure of a CM

Here is everything related to the tenure of Chief Minister of the Indian state. 

  • A CM takes the oaths of office and secrecy from the governor.
  • The Governor may remove the CM at any time, and the CM’s tenure is not set in stone.

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  • The Governor cannot remove the CM from office as long as they have the backing of the majority of members of the legislative assembly.
  • If the legislative assembly loses confidence (majority), the governor has the authority to fire the chief minister or he must resign.
  • The state legislature periodically sets the compensation and benefits for the CM. The wages and benefits due to a member of the state legislature are received by the CM.
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