What is the Full Form of OSS?

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The full form of OSS is the Operational Support System. It refers to a set of programs or backend IT infrastructure that helps the communications service provider manage their network resources. Common OSS applications include monitoring, controlling, analyzing, and managing routers, servers, switches, etc. In this way, OSS or operational support systems help telecommunications service providers (TSPs) troubleshoot network-related problems and offer new impeccable services.

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Advantages of Operational Support Systems 

There are numerous advantages of operational support systems such as:

  • OSS provides backend support for mobile networks.
  • It can improve overall efficiency by automating common manual tasks related to network management.   
  • It helps to improve user experience. 
  • OSS helps to recognize and eliminate network inefficiencies. 
  • It also offers high network security which makes them perfect to deal with sensitive data. 

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Difference Between OSS and BSS

Here is an overview of the key differences between OSS and BSS for better understanding. 

Parameter OSSBSS
Full formOperational Support SystemsBusiness Support Systems 
Focus It helps with network-related issues.BSS is customer-centric. 
Common functions Common examples include monitoring and analyzing a telephone network.Common examples include upgrading subscriptions, ordering services, resolving billing issues.
Objective The aim of OSS is to improve network performance and efficiency. The objective of BSS is to manage customer interactions with the business and boost its growth.

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