What is the Full Form of IA?

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The full form of IA is Intermediate of Arts. A student may enroll in an intermediate art course at the 12th-grade level after successfully completing matriculation or the 10th standard. After matriculation, or the tenth grade, students have a variety of professional alternatives. Among them, those who want to pursue the arts might consider enrolling in an intermediate art course. 

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Eligibility Criteria for IA

The eligibility criteria for Intermediate of Arts are mentioned below:

  • The applicant must have graduated from a recognized board with their matriculation or class of 10th grade.
  • To be admitted to this course, an applicant must have a passing grade.

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The standards are still the same, however, certain top-ranked universities may require a high 10th-grade percentage for admission.  There are very few schools or colleges that charge tuition for this course, and even if they do, it will be considerably less than it would be for other courses because the institutions that offer IA as a course fall under the State or Central Government, and in most of these colleges, they only need to pay the exam fees. Private institutions do levy monthly course fees starting at a thousand rupees.

According to their chosen subject of study, students might pursue further education. Following an IA course, a number of high-potential higher education alternatives are also available. 

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What is the full form of IA marks?

The full form of IA in this particular context is Internal Assessment. It refers to a simple process that is used to ascertain the academic performance of students.


What is the full form of IA in exams?

The full form of IA in terms of examination is Internal Assessment.

What is the full form of IA in chat?

The full form of IA in the social media world is I Agree.

What is the full form of IA in employment?

An internal auditor safeguards a company’s health by objectively assessing its financial and operational practices.

What is IA on the internet?

Information Assurance guarantees the CIA triad: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of information systems.

What does IA stand for in India?

The full forms of IA in terms of India are – Indian Airlines and Indian Army.

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