What is the Full Form of IB?

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IB full form

The full form of IB is Intelligence Bureau. It is responsible for monitoring any terrorist threat to the country whether internal or external. Intelligence Bureau takes care of Intelligence and provides important information to various police and intelligence agencies in order for them to take action against suspicious activities that are a threat to the security of the country and its residents. 

History of IB 

  • Regarded as India’s oldest Intelligence service, IB was founded in 1887 to keep an eye on the activities of Russian troops which were stationed in Afghanistan. 
  • In 1947, when India gained independence, Intelligence Bureau was reorganised as the Central Intelligence Bureau which came under the ambit of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. 
  • Soviet KGB outfitted IB until the Soviet Union fell in the 1950s.
  • Due to its brief failure in 1962 to predict the Sino-India war and Intelligence failure in 1965 during the India-Pakistan war, IB was divided into two divisions in 1968 and turned into internal intelligence. 

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Organisational Set-Up of IB 

Just like any other organisation, Intelligence Bureau has various ranks. Following is the list of hierarchy in descending order:

  • Director of Intelligence Bureau
  • Secretary Director
  • Additional Director
  • Joint Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Deputy Central Intelligence Officer
  • Assistant Central Intelligence Officer
  • Junior Intelligence officer
  • Security Assistant

Functions of IB 

Intelligence Bureau has several roles and responsibilities to ensure the security of the country. Mentioned below is the list of  various functions of IB: 

  • It works as a security advisor to both state and central government. 
  • Along with internal intelligence, IB is also responsible to provide intelligence for borders.
  • It keeps an eye on suspicious activities within neighbouring countries.
  • After collecting useful intelligence it disseminates the information to other intelligence and police services. 

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