Best Courses after 12th Arts

Best Courses after 12th Arts

Opting for arts in 12th feels like swimming in a sea of diversely interconnected subjects. When you pass 12th you have to nitpick a field that you wish to build a career in. It is as complex as it sounds. A stream like arts comes with an expansive number of prospects to discover.  From social sciences to fine arts there are infinite opportunities in this field. Hence, here is an exclusive list of best courses after 12th arts that can help you create a mark in the industry.

Best Courses after 12th Arts- Humanities and Social Sciences

A career in the field of humanities and social sciences can equip you with a better understanding of human beings, their behavior and their interconnectedness with society. Thus, completing a bachelor’s degree in humanities and social sciences will allow you in specializing in fields such as language, history, social sciences, etc. which are also considered some of the best courses after 12th arts. 

Major courses in Humanities and Social Sciences are:

  • B.A. honors in any specific language or in literature, political science, history, economics, etc.
  • B.A. in sociology, humanities and social science, arts and cultural studies, international studies, etc.
  • B.Sc in social sciences: psychology, anthropology, etc.

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Best Courses after 12th Arts- Commerce & IT

There is a misconception that commerce is a field which can only be pursued if you opted for it in 12th. You can either pursue a course in business administration which will require economics as a core subject in 12th or a BCA. If you choose information technology (IT) as a subject in your 12th class curriculum you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer application especially if you are curious about the world of computer programming and languages, IT and software. This course is equivalent to a BTech in Computer Science/IT.

Best Courses after 12th Arts- Law

Choosing a legal career path has a prominent place in the list of best courses after 12th arts. A law degree comprises of a 3-5 year-duration and if you have always been good at deductive reasoning, problem-solving and hypothetical thinking you can consider a career in law. B.A. LLB is the bachelor level degree for law aspirants after which you can discover promising prospects in criminal law, tort law, equity law, etc.

Best Courses after 12th Arts- Design and Animation

For those with a budding artist inside them, design and animation offer a wide range of opportunities for creating innovative and unforgettable masterpieces.  Another key aspect of this field is that there are short-term diploma and certification courses available in design and animation as well. You can either pursue a bachelor’s degree in design or animation or you can pick one or more diploma in design and animation.

Major Courses in Design:

  • Diploma, certification or a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, web design, graphic design, industrial design, communication design, interior design, etc.

Major Courses in Animation

  • Diploma, certification or bachelor’s degree in animation, visual Effects, game art animation, etc.

Best Courses after 12th Arts- Journalism, Film, and Media

With the dynamic realm of the internet, fields like journalism, film, and media have emerged as some of the best careers in the 21st century. Mass Communication and Media are one of the leading fields to discover in the digital age. A course in media covers an assorted spectrum of areas like broadcast TV & radio, print and digital. 

Major Courses in Journalism, Film, and Media:

  • Diploma, certification courses or bachelor’s degree in journalism, media communications, communication science, film, TV and media studies, mass communication, advertising, and public relations, etc.

Best Courses after 12th Arts- Fine Arts

You will be studying artistic marvels and their history and unleashing the artist within yourself. Pursuing graduation in fine arts will help you understand the type of arts, majorly classified as visual arts, performing arts and fine arts after which you can go for a postgraduate degree in the field you are most interested in. Further, if you are aspiring to become an artist, a fine arts degree will get you exposure along with clarity about the field you want to work in.

Major Courses in Fine Arts:

  • Diploma or bachelor’s degree courses in fine arts, design, fine & decorative art & design, photography, sequential design and illustration, ceramics, etc.

Best Courses after 12th Arts- Travel and Hospitality

If you are someone with a keen eye for detail, an incessant love for traveling and meeting new people, the field of travel and hospitality is filled with promising prospects for you. From hotel management and event management to culinary arts and tourism, it is an enticing career where you will get to tour the world, working on exciting projects, exploring novel cultures and living the life of your dreams.

Major Courses in Travel and Hospitality

  • Graduate diploma or bachelor’s degree courses in hotel and tourism management, international hospitality and tourism management, international air travel and tourism management, innovation & management in tourism, etc.

The mentoring career of education is another opportunity to seek after 12th arts. If you have a deep-embedded passion for educating people or revolutionizing the education system, the best courses after 12th Arts also consists of an array of education-related courses. These courses include specialized fields such as Infant Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Child and Youth Care, Education Studies as well as Subject-Oriented Teaching.

Major Courses in Education

  • Bachelor’s degree level courses in primary education, elementary education, secondary education, education studies, infant education, and subject-oriented teaching courses.

Whether creativity is seeping deep in your veins or you are looking for corporate exposure, knowing the best courses after 12th arts is the first step in making up your mind and taking a leap of faith towards your passion. The experts at Leverage Edu are there to guide you in your chosen career path so that you can soar in the sky of limitless potential.

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