What is the Full Form of BC?

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The Full Form of BC is Before Christ. There are, however, several other meanings of BC in numerous contexts and usages. At times during chats, instead of writing Because we write BC, or in the domain of banking, Business Correspondent, and during road constructions there is a use of Bituminous Concrete. To know a bit more about all the BC Full Forms, there is information provided in this blog! 

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What is BC Full Form in History?

BC, in the context of history, refers to Before Christ. It is a dating system used to count years before the traditionally considered year of the birth of Jesus Christ. Moreover, this system is commonly used in historical and archaeological contexts to refer to events that occurred before the birth of Jesus Christ. For example, the year 100 BC signifies a century before the commonly accepted year of Christ’s birth, which is considered the starting point of the AD (Anno Domini) or Common Era (CE) calendar.

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What is BC Full Form in Chat?

When it comes to chats and informal online communication BC is used instead of Because. Additionally, it is commonly used as a shortcut or abbreviation to convey the reason or cause behind something. For instance, instead of typing out “I am staying home because it is raining,” one might prefer to write “I’m staying home bc it’s raining.”

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What is BC Full Form in Banking?

BC in banking represents Business Correspondent. They are people who are hired by a bank to give banking services in areas where the bank does not have a physical presence or the access is limited. Consequently, these BCs boost banking transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals, and payments, on behalf of the bank, thereby extending banking services to remote or underserved areas.

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What is BC Full Form in Road Construction?

In the context of road construction, BC means Bituminous Concrete. BC is also known as asphalt concrete. It is a type of pavement material composed of asphalt binder and mineral aggregate. Moreover, it is commonly used in road construction due to its durability, flexibility, and ability to withstand heavy traffic loads. Additionally, BC provides a smooth riding surface and effectively resists water penetration, hence enhancing the lifespan and performance of roadways.

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