What is the Full Form of ATS?

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ats full form

ATS full form is Anti-Terrorism Squad. Going simply by the name, it’s clear that this squad prevents terrorist activities in the country. Being a special branch of the police force, the importance and role of ATS are highly regarded. Additionally, ATS is present in India in several states such as Jharkhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kerala, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. 

Furthermore, did you know that it was ATS that helped stop the terrorist attacks of 26/11 Mumbai and the 1991 Lokhandwala Complex shootout? The squad has been active since December 1990. Its anniversary is celebrated on December 19. 

Name Anti-Terrorism Squad
Short FormATS
Branch State Police Services
TypePolice tactical unit
Country India
Motto “Stop terrorism and Start peace”

Role of ATS 

ATS covers a range of roles that they incorporate in their activities. These are mentioned below. 

  1. Air assault
  2. Hostage rescue
  3. Close-quarters combat
  4. Counterinsurgency
  5. Special operations
  6. Human intelligence
  7. Counterterrorism
Source: Defence Direct Education on Youtube

Responsibilities of ATS

  • Connect with the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Research And Analysis Wing (RAW) to exchange information
  • Continuously keep a check on terrorists, mafias, and other such organizations. 
  • Assemble information on the anti-national elements. 
  • Detect fake currency scams and narcotics.

Objectives of ATS 

ATS main standpoint is to prevent terrorism. Adding on the same, the main objectives of ATS are stated below. 

  • To be informed about any kind of anti-national elements surfacing in any part of Maharashtra. 
  • Moreover, to work alongside the central agencies such as the ‘Research and Analysis Wing’ and ‘IB’ and coordinate and exchange information with them. 
  • To research, track, and eliminate activities of mafias, violence, crime syndicates, and other gangs.
  • To further coordinate with other states and their similar agencies. 
  • Additionally, ATS is to work on detecting the signs of any occurrence of rackets that counterfeit currency notes, as well as smuggling narcotic substances.

Other Full Forms of ATS

  • Applicant Tracking System 
  • Automatic Transfer Service 
  • Amazon Transportation Services
  • Anti Tetanus Serum

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