What is the Full Form of CE?

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full form of CE

The full form of CE is Common Era. It is now being widely used in place of AD (Anno Domini). CE and BCE both are being adopted by people as a new system of denoting time. AD in Christianity refers to ‘the year of your lord’. So, it is suggested to use a universal dating system that has no linkage with any religion to maintain uniformity. Thus, CE is the secular equivalent of AD. The ancestral calendars i.e. The Roman calendar and Julian Calendar formulated by Julius Caesar were used previously. But now, we use Gregorian Calendar. Nowadays, dates are printed in CE and BCE and they represent the same thing as AD and BC.

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Gregorian Calendar

The Gregorian calendar is the global standard for calculating dates. Despite its origins in the Western Christian tradition, its use has grown all over the world and now crosses religious, cultural, and language barriers.

The Gregorian calendar, as most people are aware, is based on the alleged birth date of Jesus Christ. Following years are counted up from this event and are followed by either AD or CE, while prior years are counted down and are accompanied by either BC or BCE.

Why People are choosing CE and BCE?

As the full form of CE suggests Common Era. People adopted CE due to religious neutrality. The non-christian members used to objectify the AD and BC. AD is specially under controversy and its unavoidable implication that the Lord in question is Jesus Christ.

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List of other Full Forms of CE

Other full forms of CE are Civil Engineer i.e. an engineering profession, Conformité Européenne it is a product certification within the European Union, and Corps of Engineers, it is a military division in the USA which is responsible for all the engineering activity in the military operations. Thus, CE is associated with various domains from the ancestral system of measuring dates to the engineering field and product certification. 

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