What is the Full Form of GPS? 

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full form of gps

The full form of GPS is Global Positioning System. GPS is a satellite navigation system that is made up of three parts including satellites, receivers, and ground stations. It is used all over the world to identify the accurate ground position of any object. In recent times, the GPS system has been used in almost everything ranging from smartphones and automobiles to fitness watches, GIS devices, and so on. 

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What is GPS Used for?

As mentioned earlier, the GPS system is a network of satellites and receiving devices. It is used to determine the location of any object on Earth and then find the best route for it from one place to another. Interestingly, some GPS receivers are so precise that they manage to establish a precise location within one centimeter (0.4 inches). 

Components of GPS 

A GPS system consists of satellites, receivers, and ground stations. 

  • Satellites are like constellations whose location we know at any given time. 
  • Ground stations use radar to confirm the location of satellites. 
  • Receivers look for a signal from these satellites to calculate how far they are. 
  • A GPS receiver looks for the signals and once the distance is calculated, it can easily find out where you are. 

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How does GPS Work?

  •  The GPS network includes 31 satellites which are somewhere around 19,300 kilometers above the surface of the earth. 
  • The satellites are placed evenly in an intricate manner so that four of these satellites can be seen from most locations on Earth.
  • The GPS system uses the famous triangulation method which helps in identifying the user’s location. In this method, the GPS first establishes a link with 3 to 4 satellites and then starts transmitting information including the receiver’s location. 
  • If, in case, the receiver has a computer screen showing a map, the precise position can be seen on a monitor. However, you don’t actually have to see the satellites for the GPS to work. This is because the receiver picks up the radio signals which are invisible to the human eye.
  • If the GPS system manages to access the fourth satellite, the receiver may measure the altitude as well as the geographical position. 
  • If the user is traveling somewhere, the receiver can also calculate the travel speed and direction to give the approximate arrival time. 

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