What is the Full Form of IFWJ?

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full form of IFWJ

The full form of IFWJ is the Indian Federation for Working Journalists. The IFWJ is the first media workers’ union in Independent India. It was established on October 28th, 1950 in New Delhi. In 35 States and Union Territories, the IFWJ today has over 30,000 main and associate members who work for electronic media, new agencies, and 1,260 journals published in 17 languages. Indians who work internationally in other parts of the world make up the majority of its population. 

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Fraternal Organizations and Affiliations 

The National Federation of Newspaper Employees (N.F.N.E. Kolkata) and the National Confederation of Newspapers and New Agencies’ Employees Organisations (Mumbai) are the media industry’s fraternal associations for the International Federation of Journalists (IFWJ). It has offices in every Indian city, town, and publishing hub since it is the sole professional association for working journalists. The geographical and territorial sections of the IFWJ have established study groups, reference libraries, press academies, and clubs for journalists. In addition to publishing scholarly publications, they take part in anti-war protests, labour union fights, human rights initiatives, and media studies. 

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It is critical to recognise the IFWJ’s active participation in the global journalist movement. It has mutually beneficial relationships with more than 47 national unions throughout the world. Members of IFWJ participate in activities sponsored by the International Labour Organisation (ILO, Geneva) and the International Programme for the Development of Communication (UNESCO, Paris). The Confederation of Asian Journalist Union, Colombo, is linked with it. Many hundreds of IFWJ members have been abroad recently for conferences and training in various nations. 

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