What is the Full Form of NEWS?

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NEWS full form

The full form of NEWS is Notable Events, Weather, and Sport. It is also known as North, East, West, and South. The word ‘news’ provides information about current or recent events occurring. This can be performed by a multitude of methods, such as word-of-mouth, printing, postal networks, and so on. To differentiate it from soft media, the news is frequently referred to as “hard news.”

War, government, politics, education, health, the environment, the economy, business, fashion, and entertainment, as well as sporting events and strange or unusual occurrences, are all common subjects for news reporting. Besides as the acronym means in the news full form, it covers everything to keep people updated.

Variety of News Media

The news media also known as the news industry is a subset of the mass media that provides news to the readers/audience. Below is the list of a variety of news media to choose from, including:


A newspaper is a monthly publication that offers written information on current events and is often typed in black ink on a white or grey background. Opinion columns, weather forecasts, evaluations of local services, obituaries, birth announcements, crossword puzzles, editorial cartoons, comic strips, and advice columns are all typical elements in newspapers.

News Broadcasting

News broadcasting is the means via which various news events and other information are disseminated via television, radio, or the internet in the field of broadcast journalism. The programming is usually prepared locally, in a radio or television studio newsroom, or via a broadcast network.

Online News

Online news (also known as electronic news or electronic news publication) is a standalone online version of a newspaper or an online version of a printed periodical. Because of the internet, newspapers now have a better chance of competing with television journalism in terms of reporting breaking news promptly.

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News Pieces in a Variety of Formats

News writing can be in a variety of formats. We have jotted down the various formats. Check them out.

News Report

When creating a news report, keep in mind that this material may be used in a variety of ways; for example, students may use your records in their studies. A news report is a serious and objective piece of writing that usually deals with recent events for which there is ample proof.

Feature Article

The distinction between a news story and a feature article is sometimes misinterpreted, yet a smart and professional journalist must understand the nuances in order to reach large goals. The only difference between a feature and a news item is the duration of time.


Every newspaper has a section for this. The goal of every editorial is to present the thought and viewpoints of the newspaper’s group of editors and journalists. Editorials are made up of columns, and they are more commonly known as opinion articles or columns than editorials.

Press Releases

Several institutions have issued official statements. Newspapers print them exactly as they are, with no changes.

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The Impact of Fake News

The credibility and trustworthiness of traditional news sources have been challenged by the rise of fake news in recent years. Fake news is false information deliberately spread to mislead readers and create sensationalized headlines. In a world where misinformation is rampant, readers must verify the authenticity of news sources and critically evaluate the information presented to them in the form of news.

How to Spot Fake News?

Here are some points on how you can spot a piece of fake news –

  • Check the source: Verify the credibility of the news outlet and cross-reference the information with multiple sources.
  • Analyze the bias: Be wary of news that showcases a strong bias or promotes a specific agenda.
  • Look for evidence: Verify the facts, quotes and statistics provided in the news article.
  • Use fact-checking websites: Websites like Snopes and FactCheck.org can also help you verify the accuracy of news stories.
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