10 True Facts About God

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facts about god

God is not just a perception of you and me, it is beyond all of that. You know when you walk through stages of life, there comes a time when the belief in the almighty is gone, but then there are times when you are happiest and you know he showed you the right path. Most people only know the facts about god, based on what their ancestors have told them. There are more things to know about god than there is to know about the whole human species. Different religions, have different beliefs about god and therefore, we know that only one thing is common and that’s god. Well, we have more facts about god for you, so let’s head straight to it.

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Facts About God

The concept of god is very controversial and has remained that way for years. Below are the facts about god that you should know about. 

Even Gods Get Angry 

This is about Jesus. You would not believe this fact about God that they would ever get angry. Jesus did not like that people made use of his father for their own reason, therefore he had to be angry for once. However, it brings hope that being angry is okay but only when you have the right grounds. 

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God is the Ultimate Powerful Being

It is not just one or two religions that believe that God is the supreme being, the creator, and the source of all moral authority, all monotheistic religions are of the same opinion. God is often described as all-powerful (omnipotent), all-knowing (omniscient), and all-good (omnibenevolent).

“Amen” means that Jesus is God’s Perfect and Final Revelation

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus identifies himself with three powerful titles: “the Amen,” signifying that his word is the ultimate truth and confirmation; “the faithful and true witness,” emphasizing his unwavering reliability; and “the beginning of God’s creation,” highlighting his role as the firstborn and source of everything God has brought into existence.

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Almighty God is Holy

The concept of “holy” takes on a special meaning when referring to God. This fact about God signifies a complete absence of any evil or imperfection in His character. The Bible emphasizes this uniqueness with phrases like “There is no one holy like the LORD,” highlighting that God stands alone in His absolute purity and moral perfection.

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Three Aspects of Reality- Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha

The Brahma means the creation, Vishnu means maintenance preservation, and the Mahesha means destruction transformation. All these three combined gods are called ‘Vedic Trimurti’, a philosophical symbol depicting the three aspects of absolute reality. 

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God Also Judge

Well this fact about god is not the mean one that you might understand with the subheading but it is more like judging who’s doing the right thing. Therefore, god is known as the righteous Judge, who sees all hearts, and brings just consequences. 

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God is Complete in Itself

Make yourself comfortable because this fact about god might be mythical but it is surprising to note. In the English alphabet if we consider, A as 1, B as 2, and so on, then G is 7, O is 15, and D is 4. Now, when you calculate all these numbers it is the sum total of the alphabets in the English language. Therefore, it proves that god is complete in itself. 

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God is a Person

Many people come into your life only to enlighten your world or at least to teach you a life lesson. God says they come in any form humans, trees, animals, etc. 

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Indeed They are to Die and Indeed You are to Die

These are the final words of the prophet. It means that every soul will taste death. If you die they will also die. So it means that you should do your side of the deeds, and they will do theirs, in the end, all of us will die. 

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A Potential full form of GOD is the ‘Government of Divinity’

With this, we come to the end of the facts about god. An interesting interpretation suggests “GOD” could stand for “Government of Divinity,” implying a ruling structure for the cosmos. This would be similar to polytheistic beliefs, where multiple deities manage different aspects of existence under a central governing force.

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