What is the Full Form of SPV?

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The full form of SPV is a Special Purpose Vehicle. It is also commonly known as a special purpose entity or SPE. An SPV or SPE refers to a legal entity or object engineered for a specific purpose and comes with its own assets and liabilities. It allows investors to pool their money by making an investment in a single company. Moreover, it is designed as a bankruptcy-remote, meaning that the SPV is legally separate from its parent company. Therefore, if the parent company somehow goes bankrupt, the SPV’s assets and liabilities will continue to function normally. 

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Use of SPVs

SPVs have a bunch of uses such as:

  • SPVs can be used to raise funds for a wide range of projects such as the construction of a road or power plant. 
  • One of the most important uses of SPVs is to isolate financial risk from the parent company. This is particularly beneficial for companies that often embark on new adventures.
  • You can also use SPVs to purchase real estate.
  • Another common use of special purpose vehicles is to form joint ventures between multiple companies. 
  • Securitization of loans is another important use of special purpose vehicles. 

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Advantages of SPVs

Special purpose vehicles or SPVs offer a ton of advantages for business owners and investors, making them among the top choices in the finance world. 

  • Risk isolation
  • Direct ownership of assets
  • Tax savings 
  • Easy set up
  • Securitization of assets
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