What is the Full Form of PC in Instagram?

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The full form of PC in Instagram is Photo Credit, Photo Courtesy, Politically Correct, and Personal Computer. It all depends on the context of your conversation. Instagram is among the most popular photo and video-sharing apps. With its amazing tools and features, you can chat with your friends, call your dear ones, or start a small business. In today’s world, people of all ages prefer to use abbreviations rather than typing everything out.   

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What is PC on Social Media?

As mentioned above, the full form of PC in Instagram or social media depends on the context of your conversation. Below we have mentioned all the different full forms as well as their description. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Photo/Picture Credit: In this context, a person uses the PC abbreviation to give credit to another Instagram user while using their picture. It is generally used in the caption of an Instagram post. Moreover, it is the most commonly used full form of PC.
  • Photo Courtesy: This full form of PC is similar to the above-mentioned full form. In other words, photo courtesy is another way of saying photo credit. Interestingly, it can also contain the username of the other person to whom the credit is being given. 
  • Politically Correct: This full form of PC is not as popular as other full forms. It means that a person’s political views are abiding with society’s progressive political views. Moreover, they are not offending anyone.

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