What is the Full Form of PPD Test?

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PPD test Full Form

The PPD Test full form is the Purified Protein Derivative Skin Test. PPD Test is also known as the TB skin test, Tuberculin skin test, or Mantoux test. This test is done to detect the presence of tuberculosis (TB). The PPD test must be done by a medical practitioner. This test is done to test the latent tuberculosis. Read this article to learn more about PPD test full form, its procedure, and more!

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PPD Test Full Form: How is the PPD Skin Test Performed?

Tuberculosis is a chronic infection that affects the lungs. It is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB can be caused when you breathe in the air exhaled by the infected person. Weight loss, fever, night sweats, and extreme coughing are some of the common symptoms of Tuberculosis.

Steps to perform Purified Protein Derivative Skin Test:

  • The doctor will swab the skin of the forearm with alcohol.
  • Then, he will inject 0.1 ml of tuberculin (PPD) into the inner surface of the forearm and mark it with a pen.
  • You will experience a bump at the site of injection for a few hours.
  • The skin test reaction takes 48 and 72 hours to give the results. 

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Understanding PPD Test Results

Source: thebccdc

The PPD test results are measured after 72 hours. The nurse or the doctor will analyze the site to check if you have a strong reaction to the vaccine. If there is no swelling that means you are not infected and the result would be negative.

If the indurated area measures 5mm to 10 mm and swelling is visible at the site of injection that means the test is positive and the patient is suffering from TB. 

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