Why did the Cripps Mission Fail?

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Leading British politician and War Cabinet member Sir Stafford Cripps led the Cripps Mission, a major political project of the British government in 1942 during World War II. Securing Indian collaboration and support for Britain’s war operations against the Axis countries was its main goal. There are multiple reasons as to why the Cripps Mission failed. The Indian National Congress (INC), which sought total independence, viewed the plans as being too conservative, while the British considered them to be too radical. The Muslim League, the INC, and other Indian organizations opposed the mission. The Liberals and the Hindu Mahasabha opposed states’ rights to secede. Let us know more about Cripps mission failure.

What was Cripps’s Mission?

As the Japanese advanced beyond India’s eastern frontiers, the fear of an invasion grew more over time; still, India’s assistance was vital to Britain’s war endeavours. 

Viceroy Lord Linlithgow proclaimed India a party to the war as part of the British Empire in 1939, the year the Second World War started. 

Due to the lack of consultation, there were widespread protests, particularly from the Congress, which at the time was one of India’s largest parties. 

The Muslim League observed the day as Deliverance Day, on which the party leaders chose to step down from their positions.

The United States and a number of other allies began to put tremendous pressure on Britain over its own imperial intentions. The British government despatched Cripps to India, and this was officially recognised as the arrival of the Cripps mission. 

Reason for Failure of Cripps Mission

The Cripps Mission’s failure was caused by the unparalleled unrest it caused throughout India. The British government was averse to ceding control. Gandhi was forced to start the Quit India Movement in order to finally end British control in India out of fear of a possible Japanese invasion.

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