What is the Full Form of DOTS?

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full form of DOTS

The full form of DOTS is Directly Observed Therapy. It is a short course and is also referred to as TB – DOTS. It refers to the method that is intended to treat and reduce the likelihood of Tuberculosis (TB) cases. In this method, a medical expert or professional in this field gives the prescribed TB medications to the affected patient and ensures that the patient consumes each dose as prescribed. In case a patient is left unattended, they might skip or forget to take their medication which could cause the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis. 

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What is the Significance of DOTS

The following is the significance of DOTS:

  • DOTS helps to avoid the spread of TB to others 
  • It reduces the chances of treatment error
  • It allows the patients to finish their treatment immediately and without a break
  • DOTS reduces the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis
  • The method of DOTS ensures that the patients are taking their medication as prescribed and without a miss

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What are the Main Actions of DOTS?

The following are the main actions of DOTS:

  • It supplies the drugs prescribed in the DOTS method
  • Checks the side effects related to the medication prescribes
  • Ensures that the patient consumes the drug
  • Detailing the visit
  • It provides information by answering your relevant queries about TB and DOTS

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