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NPO full form in medical

NPO full form in Medical stands for Nothing By Mouth or Nil Per Os. It is a medical terminology used as instructions by the surgeons/doctors for the patient. As per the standard operating procedure, patients who have to undergo any surgery are not allowed to eat or drink anything through their mouth. So, the term NPO is used in medicine to instruct the patient not to consume anything by mouth. Read this blog to know more about NPO full form in medical!

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What is NPO?

NPO means nothing by mouth It comes under a standard operating process in which the patient must not eat or drink anything for a specific time period as suggested by the doctors. It is very important for the safety of a person under anaesthesia before a medical surgery. If any patient does not follow the NPO guidelines then, his/her surgery might get cancelled to avoid any risk. 

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Why do Doctors Instruct NPO before Surgery?

NPO is instructed to make sure that no food or liquid is present in the stomach. In other words, there should be no undigested food left in the stomach or intestine before the patient is given anaesthesia

NPO Full Form in Medical: Guidelines

Here are some general NPO guidelines:

  • Solid food: 8 hours before a procedure
  • Clear liquids: 2 hours before a procedure
  • Liquids high in protein or fat: 6 hours before a procedure
  • Infant formula: Requires 6 hours NPO.
  • Breastmilk: Requires 4 hours NPO. 

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