What is the Full Form of NACO?

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full form of NACO

The full form of NACO is National Aids Control Organisation. NACO is a government-led organisation in India that takes care of the epidemic in India under the Ministry of Health and family welfare.

It also seeks to broaden HIV+ individuals’ healthcare coverage as well as to protect and respect their human rights. It envisions an India in which every HIV+ person has access to healthcare and is treated with dignity.

What are the Objectives of NACO?

Mentioned below are the objectives of NACO:

  • To prevent and control the spread of HIV/AIDS in India.
  • To provide federal and state-level technical assistance to the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP).
  • to raise HIV/AIDS awareness among the general public, high-risk groups, and other target populations
  • To raise funds for the National AIDS Control Program’s execution.
  • Coordination and collaboration with national and international organisations in the implementation of the National AIDS Control Programme

Roles of NACO

  • The National AIDS Control Organisation is in charge of raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and assisting people in preventing it.
  • It also offers assistance to persons impacted by HIV/AIDS.
  • The National AIDS Control Organisation also aims to improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • The National AIDS Control Organisation also conducts HIV/AIDS research and prevention.
  • The National AIDS Control Organisation also gives financial help to HIV/AIDS patients.

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