What is the Full Form of PBUH? 

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The full form of PBUH is peace be upon him. It is commonly used by the Muslim community whenever the name of the Islam prophet Muhammad is mentioned in text or speech. Additionally, it can also be used whenever someone mentions the name of other spiritually esteemed people who are believed by a majority of the community. Let us learn more about it. 

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What is the Arabic Version of PBUH?

Islamic scholars and believers all around the world strongly emphasize that Islamic followers follow the name of Muhammad, whether written or spoken, with a specific honorific phrase. In Islam, this phrase is known as sallallahu alayhe wasallam which is then followed with saying peace be upon him.

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What does Saw Mean in Islam?

In the Muslim community, SAW or sallallahu alayhe wasallam is another popular way of saying peace be upon him. As mentioned above, this phrase is commonly used while speaking or writing about the almighty to pay respect. 

Significance of PBUH

Interestingly, in the Islamic world, the popular phrase peace be upon him holds great significance for the Muslim followers. 

  • It serves as a reminder of Prophet Muhammad’s divine role in the Muslim community.
  • PBUH or the phrase peace be upon him also reflects a sense of respect toward the Prophet Muhammad.
  • It also acts as a symbol of unity among Muslims from different backgrounds and geographical locations. 
  • PBUH also reflects a person’s admiration towards the teachings and guidance of the Prophet.

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