What’s the Full Form of NAVY?

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NAVY full form

The full form of NAVY is the Nautical Army of Volunteer Yeomen. There are three levels on which the military protects their respective nations: land, air, and water. While they go by different names in different countries, some of them are also acronyms, such as NAVY. This blog will not only explore the NAVY full form but also its origin and meaning. Read on to know more!

NAVY Full Form

The full form emphasizes the naval aspect of the term, as well as the voluntary and patriotic nature of the sailors. It also highlights the role of the navy as a part of the Indian military, and its function in defending and protecting the nation’s maritime interests.

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Origin of NAVY

The word NAVY comes from the Latin word navigium, which means “a vessel, a ship, bark, boat”. The Latin word navigium is derived from the word navis, which means “ship”. The word navis is also related to the Greek word naus, which means “ship”, and nautes, which means “seaman, sailor”.

The word NAVY was first used in English in the early 14th century, and it meant “fleet of ships”. It came from the Old French word navie, which also meant “fleet of ships”. The word NAVY could refer to both commercial and military fleets, as they were often used for both purposes in the past.

Some interesting facts about the NAVY

Here are some interesting facts about NAVY that you may not know:

  • The Indian Navy is one of the oldest naval forces in the world, dating back to 1612, when it was established as the East India Company’s Marine.
  • The Indian Navy has a strength of over 67,000 active personnel, 150 ships, and 300 aircraft.
  • The Indian Navy operates in various regions of the world, such as the Persian Gulf, the Horn of Africa, the Strait of Malacca, the South and East China seas, and the Western Mediterranean sea.
  • The Indian Navy has participated in many wars and operations, such as World War I, World War II, the Portuguese-Indian War, the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Operation Trident, Operation Python, Indo-Pakistani Naval War of 1971, Operation Cactus, Operation Flowers are Blooming, Kargil War (Operation Talwar), and Anti-piracy operations in Somalia.
  • The motto of the Indian Navy is शं नो वरुणः (Sham No Varunah), which means “May the Lord of Water be auspicious unto us”.

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