What is the Full Form of LBW?

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LBW Full Form

The full form of LBW is Leg Before Wicket. Introduced in 1774, LBW is a cricket rule through which a batter can be dismissed. Moreover, the rule was introduced to restrict the batsman or the cricketer from using their pads to prevent the ball from hitting the wicket. Dismissing a batsman on the basis of LBW is the most controversial decision in cricket. Initially, the on-field umpire judges if the ball hits the pad of the cricket and declares him out of the match. However, this full form of LBW is only relevant in cricket. Continue reading to know other long forms of LBW in different contexts. 

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What is the LBW Rule?

Source: Lord’s Cricket Ground

LBW rule considers a batsman out, if he obstructs the ball using any part of his body except his hands, in the route of hitting the wicket. Hands are excluded because, in cricket, the hand and wrist are considered an extension of the bat.

This rule has several conditions and one of them is that the delivered ball should not be a no-ball. Another condition is if the ball strikes the hand or the at first and then touches the body of the batsman then, the batsman cannot be dismissed on LBW. 

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How LBW is Given Out?

LBW is given out simply if the leg or any part of the body of the batsman hits the ball before the wicket. There are several conditions in it. 

The LBW was given out by the on-round umpire analysis but now with the introduction of technology. Decision Review System (DRS), video assistance, and ball tracking methods have made the LBW decision more precise and decreased the chances of human errors. 

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What is the Full Form of LBW in Medical?

The full form of LBW in medical or pregnancy is Low Birth Weight. World Health Organization (WHO) defines LBW in medical as a birth weight of less than 2500 g (up to and including 2499 g). It is an essential parameter used to determine the overall health of a newborn as these babies are at greater risk of dying.

What is the Full Form of LBW in MES?

The next full form of LBW in MES or Military Engineering Service is Low Budget Works. 

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