What is the Full Form of RTD?

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Full form of RTD

The full form of RTD is Resistance Temperature Detector. A sensor type known as an RTD has a resistance that changes with temperature and rises as the sensor’s temperature rises. Temperature and resistance have a consistent and well-established connection. 

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Characteristics of RTD

  • Because they are pure metals, copper, nickel, tungsten, and platinum are frequently utilized in resistance temperature detection systems. 
  • Variable resistance transducers is another name for resistive transducers or resistive sensors. 
  • Its temperature coefficient of it is positive.
  • Physical quantities including temperature, pressure, displacement, force, vibrations, and more may be measured using them.
  • The variable resistance transducer elements operate under the premise that conductor resistance is directly proportional to conductor length, inversely proportional to conductor length, and inversely proportional to conductor area.

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An RTD is a passive device that is unable to generate an output on its own. It serves as a substitute for a resistance thermometer. By applying a small electrical charge to the sensor to produce a voltage, external electronic equipment may measure the sensor’s resistance. Typically, measuring currents between 1 and 5mA is the highest possible without the risk of self-heating. 

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