Chandrayaan-3: India’s Next Lunar- Landing Date and Time Revealed

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Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date and Time

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date and Time: India’s space exploration program has been remarkable for many years now. The nation’s lunar missions have been capturing the world’s attention very actively. As ISRO has already set its expectations with Chandrayaan 3 and launched it on 14 July 2023, recently. The emerging curiosity among India is whether it will successfully land at the moon’s surface this time.

Will Chandrayaan 3 Successfully Land?

This time Chandrayaan 3 is going to be landed by pilot Vikram. Recently he has also shared some pictures of the moon’s surface, which is expected to land India’s pride. This makes us believe that this time India is going to make it possible. The expectations of Individuals including our respected PM are at their peak this time. ISRO has a strong belief that this landing will give rise to a lot of curiosity as well as plant interest in the young generations about space exploration.

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When Will Chandrayaan 3 Land on Moon?

If it goes well, people can expect the Chandryaan 3 to land around 6:04 p.m. on August 23. You can start watching it live from around 5:20 p.m., August 23. However, in case of any issues landing can be shifted to August 27, 2023. Before landing ISRO will make sure everything is suitable for the touchdown. 

Track Chandryaan-3 Live

To get real-time updates about Chandrayaan 3 landing you can go to the official website of ISRO. You can also watch videos on youtube that will show live updates about this event. Similarly, you may also visit the Facebook page to get real-time updates about this nation’s pride big event. With the help of these many resources, you can stay updated about the expected date and time of landing this incredible launch.


Where Chandrayaan-3 will land?

Chandryaan 3 is expected to land at the moon’s south pole. The project is going to be India’s biggest pride of all time.

How can I see Chandrayaan-3’s live landing?

You can go to ISRO’s official website to track its live-landing date and time, watch videos on Youtube, or can even do the same over Facebook.

What time is Vikram landing on the moon?

Lander Vikram is expected to perform a soft landing around 6:04 p.m. today on Moon.

This was all about Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date and Time. In crux, Chandrayan 3 is continued to captivate our interest as it is going to be one of our biggest pride as a Country. The conversation between lander Vikram and the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter adds an extra layer of excitement to this cosmic endeavour. If you want to know more about the latest trending articles, then stay connected with Leverage Edu.

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